living vicariously

My internet family is flung far and wide.
We have Australians we love, people we care about in the UK, pals in Japan and Canadians who are dear to us.
Last week I got vacation photos from Paola. (I was going to write: poor blogless Paola but these pictures will have you envying her as opposed to pitying her for her lack of a blog.) I thought I'd share them as she invited me to post them for her friends (though, sadly, it will do NOTHING to spur her to start blogging).
In any event, I thought you should see some of them...and have my commentary OF COURSE.


Vacationing in the Dolomites looks romantic. And cold.


But there are still birds there. Vacationing birds.

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Our friend Fabio takes beautiful photos.


He has an artist's eye...


and a wonderful appetite for food and life.

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Brizio is our little pal - and translator.

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Paola is our snow-bunny.


But Fabio is our eyes - at least I THINK he took all these shots.


Even though he speaks no English and we speak no Italian, we have been able to communicate. We see things as he does.

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It's possible that Paola took some of these pictures - I'm not sure.

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It doesn't matter.
The point is: our Italian family went on vacation last month and we were "there" with them.


Caterina said…
Wow. The Alps, how truly amazing.

How do you do it? Make cyber-friends and become so close?
Anonymous said…
So beautiful. Thank you, Paola and bb!

KPB said…
Badger said…
Gorgeous! I heart Paola. She DOES need a blog! Let's bully her into it!
lagata said…
Beautiful! And the commentary was lovely :o)
Anonymous said…
I didn't think you ever received that mail and ... here we are!
The commentary makes the shots even more beautiful!
I must be fair and admit none of those pictures were shot by me. It's all Fabio, and that is just a teeny part of the pictures he shot. The scenery is so amazing up there ...
I know you were there and believe me I found myself thinking about a lot of you while breathing that gorgeous air and taking in all the beauty.
Re the blog: I REALLY don't think I would be good at it. I hope that's OK with you to keep me as your blogless friend ...
Anonymous said…
Utterly gorgeous. He captures the light beautifully.

I sent you pictures too; snapshots. Did you get them yet?

Anonymous said…
That town at night--I am bedazzled by that picture. Thanks for letting us travel with you --vicariously.
Anonymous said…
My god it is beautiful there!
Anonymous said…
This Canadian Puffy Hearts you too, bb.

eurolush said…
Beautiful photos. Fabio is amazing with that camera of his. His photos are stunning. Paola be any cuter in her snow gear??


I want to pinch her cheeks.

Thanks for sharing...


PS-You have a pal in Germany, too.

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