the internet is a vast open space

I love this.

I hope this gets on a graphic design blog.

It doesn't matter how you choose to help people in Haiti.

Keeping cookware clean is a little infuriating at times.

Wanda Sykes? Funny, funny, FREAKING FUNNY.

Penelope Cruz? I luff her.

Need a custom hand-lettered sign?

Food blogs are wonderful. This one wins best title.

Stephanie is having a lot of surgery - let's think on her, shall we?

Check out

Red sky at night...crazymom and I think ALIKE.

Five days! Five days of: WHERE IS THE EPI-PEN NOW? We're out of the woods this month.

I'm adding The Awl to my list of daily reads. I want to be less stupid.


I saw televisions the size of aircraft carriers today. Really.

Hot Chicks With Stormtroopers is the only Hot Chicks site I'd visit.

I realize that Wolfmother is (are) completely derivative but I love them.


Do you realize that The Rock is The Hunt For Red October without the submarine? Sean Connery!



Anonymous said…
When do you find the time to post all this?
I am wondering.
And I believe I'll add The Awl too, cause yes, I want to be less stupid too.
KPB said…
Thank you for directing me to Chowhound. Now dreaming of winter greens lasagne.

Wanda Sykes - that's her name - I've always loved her and never known who she was.

Duck Face? you really luff Duck Face. Wow.

threepotatofour - awesome

Crepes of Wrath now has me craving apple streusel bars. MAN. puts the aw in awesome.

I hope you checked with K about your outright dismissal of a nylon spandex stretch floral lace unitard. He might have other ideas.

And I superglue my fingers together every time I use superglue!
Duyvken said…
I lost a lot of time at 3potato4 but the children are sleeping in and I can't decide if I should wake them up or not.
It's alsmost 9am.
What do you think?
Jenny said…
My husband worked on the your baby can read site. I'm trying to see if he can't get us a free copy. I'll let you know if it works. (Because I know you are wondering about a complete stranger and her children's ability to read.)
tut-tut said…
Getting this in under the wire of the thunderstorm . . . will return to travel to all of these.