I know, I KNOW!

This is the way bloggers lose their audience. (Though I no longer have an "audience," I have a group of dedicated internet friends.) They don't post for a while and their blog falls fallow and the next thing you know it is ignored.
I promise that's not going to happen here.
And I'm ashamed at what I've been reduced to posting.
Remember when I wrote posts in flour on my counter-top? ( I don't even have the energy to link!)
Remember when I took my children to fascinating places and recounted our adventures for you?
Yes, well...
Today I:
Attended meetings at work and smoothly handled several complicated situations.
Walked through wind-driven snow with Middle, laughing at ourselves for several blocks.
Had a wonderful salad for lunch.
Went downtown to re-record part of the iPhone app I am doing the voice-over for.
Really enjoyed the music on my iPod.
Joked with my friends at work.
Was a comfort to my friends at work.
Missed K.

The blog I've started at my office (with a dozen co-workers) takes a great deal of my blogging energy these days, and I look forward to it running itself - which will take time!

Tonight I'm watching a program on The Human Senses. In the show some Chinese people are describing how a fermented duck egg is a delicacy while some English people are marveling over some aged Stilton is a great treat, yet each are appalled by the other culture's fine food.

It really is just the way we look at things, isn't it?


robiewankenobie said…
it happens to the best of us. i was a dedicated dedicated blogger until earlier this year. i wish i could fix my lull. ::sigh::

besides which, i think you have enough in the archives to show your internets prowess.

now i really want some stilton.
Anonymous said…
Audiences can be so demanding. Friends understand, and are happy for all the good things in your life.

Anonymous said…
Absolutely. It is all about how you look at things. And I am VERY bad at that. I only have one side to look at: MINE and it ain't the good one most of the times.
Loretta said…
You are to be applauded for your determination and reliability. I, for one, am falling very very fallow.

and my word verification is, "exing".

Wendy Chaiken said…
Blackbird, such wise words...and, we are happy with whatever flows from your keyboard.
Anonymous said…
It is true about perspective. I mean, who ever thought to eat that first mushroom? Or make cheese? Brew coffee? Ferment fruit?
But I am still picky about eggs.
eurolush said…
Did someone say mushroom?

I'm with rwk...your archives are like a fine, aged Stiton...stuffed into a fermented duck's egg.

Amy A. said…
bb - I'm glad you are out here in the internet world. I'm glad you keep it up even though you are busy.
Priscilla said…
And the new Survivor in two weeks! Hooray! Just when you were running out of things to blog about. Or want to blog about.

Your word verification: ingsane

I think we're all feeling a little ingsane.

Anonymous said…
You are my favorite blogger regardless of what you post. And hey, I dreamt that I met you and your family. And that I was at your house! K and Oldest, Middle and Youngest were there (Middle didn't speak to me, but Oldest and Youngest did)! We had dinner! We went to the skate park and to Urban Outfitters which were right across the street from your house (but up a hill)! You wore a caftan though. What was up with that?

Dreams are weird.

ree said…
This is EXACTLY how I feel lately. It's like the routine of the day (or the complete busy-ness of it all) sucks all of the words out of me.

However - I'm always here, reading and slurping up whatever bb has to say.
Ali said…
Your blog is not fallow - it's in crop rotation. Ensures a better harvest you know. I am not sure where this analogy is leading, so I'll just stop shall I?

See, sometimes stepping away from the keyboard for a while is better than continuing!