Happy New Year

photo by Middle


ErinH said…
Beautiful shot.
Happy New Year to you all.


Wondrous. Just wondrous.
(I'm sitting here SWEATING in the humidity and heat)
eurolush said…
Great photo!

Makes me want to go light a fire in the fireplace and snuggle down in my in my homemade snuggle suit--multiple blankets wrapped and drapped over body like clothing.

Wishing you the happiest of New Years, too! All the best to the bb family.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful shot full of light and peace! Happy New Year Blackbird, thank you for sharing your light with all of your readers. Your blog has such grace, humor and humanity it is a pleasure to read everyday, looking forward your posts in 2010.
Miz S said…
Middle can post his pictures on my blog any time he wants.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Badger said…
And to you, too!
Crazy Mom Tats! said…
So lovely! Middle is quite talented.

We have nothing but cold rain and a little sleet here - nothing so picturesque as at your place.

blessings to you and yours!
Breathtaking scene.
Here's to 2010 and good things.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo and subject. Right around zero here (brrr), hope it is warmer in Tuvalu. Happy, happy and all the best to you and your!
The Coffee Lady said…
And you.
Suzanne said…
Pretty! HNY to you, too! Here's hoping 2010 brings us plenty of laughter, joy, love and success!
RW said…
Lovely image.
Anonymous said…
Happy new year to all in your home. That photo reminds me to stop and draw breath. Thank you.
Scot said…
Only in black and white! Good eye middle. Great photo.
Best to all!
Anonymous said…
I have a sentimental feeling about the exterior of your home. A Google Images search of "shingled houses" led me to your door. A photo you'd snapped of your front door (you were worried about the threshold or something; should K fix it--I'm fuzzy on the details) was one of the images I clicked on, and, boy, am I glad I did, because there was Say La Vee.

HNY to you all too.


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