The planets must have re-aligned somehow...I don't know...the past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of good fortune which I appreciate tremendously.

First, I was given a sizable Anthropologie gift card by someone special to me. (I have great plans to blog the shopping trip and my decision process and am hoping to be able to take stealthy photos!)

Then, the blog I've created with my co-workers went live...and while it's some work to be the person acting as Editor (hat-tip to my blogboss Susan Wagner), I'm very excited about the group of people I'm writing with - and for. And, while building readership in-house is challenging, for the moment, people are thrilled to be writing.

Finally, at some point yesterday afternoon, I got word that I was being treated to a trip to Chicago by yet another generous person! There's going to be a party! And I'm invited! And I can go!

I do realize that I should buy a lottery ticket this afternoon.

Yesterday I saw two fabulous sights:

An elderly lady with flowing gray hair, riding a foot scooter down the avenue. She was tiny and had on a bright red scarf and big clunky snow boots but moved gracefully as she pushedoffpushedoffpushedoff down the road in the bike lane.

A nicely dressed young man, crouching in the giant train station at rush-hour. He held an open packet of snack-sized cakes and was scooping ice cream from a pint container onto them. He added chocolate syrup from a bottle in his backpack and then dug EAT a lovely dessert THERE in the middle of the chaos with a plastic spoon.

I'm gifted to have these things and see these things.
And I am grateful.


Anonymous said…
What fantastic news! Gift cards! Vacations! New blog! I will look forward to the Anthropologie trip, I've never been in one, so I live vicariously through you, o mighty urban Blackbird.
Anonymous said…
Ah, the sun always shines after the rain and I am thinking this sun of yours is particularly bright and yellow.
Which makes me HAPPY and smiling.
RW said…
this is fantastic.
enjoy this turn of events.
Anonymous said…
Very nice! I hope the good news just keeps coming. and I love the city sights you shared. People are so interesting.

Amy A. said…
Duyvken said…
Laura Jane said…
Sounds like a truly wonderful chain of events.

Oooh, what delights you have shared with the stories of the old lady on a scooter, and the young man eating delicious dessert in chaos.

Isn't it wonderful to find an unexpected highlight in you day? Enjoy!
Jen said…
Now that young man is someone who knows how to live.