The scene: K is downstairs on his laptop while bb is on her laptop, upstairs, on the bed.

K (from downstairs) : I just looked at the weather. It's going to be cold tomorrow.

bb (from upstairs): 29? That's not so bad.

K: They're saying it'll feel like 8.

bb: So, what you're saying is: my Australian friends...

K: ...are going to have to wear their Uggs.


Sorority Girl and I were just wishing we had Uggs.
Crazy Mom! said…
'bout the same temp here in Hotlanta. I need me some Uggs.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - my verification word is pityme - no joke!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, people were wearing UGGS on the snow up north on the Dolomiti!
Is that wrong??? Pray say, since I am no fashion expert here and I strongly rely on you.
Eleanor said…
Miss CB and I have had hours of fun spotting NYC fashionistas wearing their uggs OUTSIDE, in PUBLIC.

We have both also stared at the shoe-shelves piled high with ugg-boots the likes of which we don't even see in Sydney, and we have doubted ourselves. Perhaps it CAN be done?

But no. As true as night follows day, were I to wear my uggs on a Sydney street my friends would think I had reached new depths of despair and depression and would insist that I return to bed.

So I'll be wearing my Blunnies. With 3 pairs of socks. And legwarmers just purchased from American Apparel.
alice c said…
I DON'T want to know what you will be wearing when you MEET each other. I am too jealous to be nice about it.

Just off to do some meditation to rediscover my kind persona. A lot of meditation may be required.