coming soon to an iPhone near you

Last weekend K and I went to M's house to help her with a project.
We've known M for over twenty years - K used to Produce for her (she's a Director) and she directed Middle on Sesame Street when he was five years old (Have I told that story? It's very sweet.) AND she lives across the street from Ground Zero (where K and I met her on September 19th, 2001 to see if any of her film work could be salvaged from what was left of her home - another story I can't remember if I've told) and she offered us brunch if we'd help.
The project? An iPhone Ap in need of narrators. I'll send you a link when it's available but don't want to give it away right now. M gathered friends and family and put out a nice spread and handed out scripts...


We each got three or four scripts assigned to us and, in between bagels and champagne, rehearsed a little and then sat in a quiet space with M directing us.

the loo

The loft, now completely rebuilt, is quite stunning.
The view - slowly changing -

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(K and I do not visit Ground Zero unless we are visiting M.)

I was a little nervous when it was my turn to read but M made me feel comfortable (the champagne helped) and is a very good Director (IMO). From the little I have gleaned listening to K direct voice-over artists I understood her when she asked me to raise my chin so I could be heard better and knew what she meant when she asked me for more air between words.
Before I knew it I had read my four scripts and we were done.
A little while later, it was K's turn.
I had fun chatting with M's cousin while K read.
BUT, in the meantime...down on the street...

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it was time to go!
K finished up, we said our goodbyes and drove out of town.

M called last night. She wanted to thank everyone for doing a good job. 23 people had read 70 entries for the ap...but she and her partner were calling to ask if I am available this weekend as they want to use only my voice!
I need to go back to M's place and read all of the text and will now be the star of the iPhone ap!

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
So now when someone says, "There's and app for that," they will be talking about YOU!
Susie Sunshine said…
How cool is that?! When people say they miss your voice, you can say, "There's an App for that!"

And yet here I sit with my brand new shiny, BlackBird-less BLACKBERRY.
Crazy Mom! said…
Way cool! I've often wanted to do voice over work. (Ex-theater person, ya know.) And I have no iPhone to listen to you - durn!

Um - sorry about the ticket.

Middle was on Sesame Street? ooooo
That One said…
Is it stalkerish to say that if I had an iPhone I'd buy the bb ap simply because you narrated it?


Then it's a good thing I don't have an iPhone, I guess. :)
lagata said…
Awesomeness - is that even a word? :o)
RW said…
that is incredibly cool.
Anonymous said…
I miss M. Give her my regards when you see her. is the irish bar still across the street?

Anonymous said…
"Melodious" Love it! And good for you. That's pretty cool. I wonder if you get paid.

Anonymous said…
how thrilling! And you have to tell these other stories. Soon.
Amy A. said…
That is so exciting! And that apartment is something else.
eurolush said…
That you are a star, doesn't surprise me in the least.
Anonymous said…
OK. How do I get it?
I MUST have you on my Iphone!
Unknown said…
Mellifluous, even. Well done, bb!
KPB said…
So wait. Now you really are going to be famous!?! IRL!?!
Badger said…
WICKED! But she needs to port it to Android so I can have it too. See what you can do about that, eh?
Duyvken said…
Woohoo! She has a great apartment.
The Coffee Lady said…
"in between bagels and champagne"

I like the way you just toss that casually in
Eleanor said…
I'm not in the least surprised, but I am very very excited for you! This may well mean that I finally trade in my "vintage" phone (circa '96 I think) for an iphone.
Anonymous said…
We here, members of the flock, have always loved your voice.

Next stop, world domination!


(who has friends who have iphones!)
Poppy B. said…
Funnily enough, "melodious" isn't the first word that comes to mind when thinking of the bird voice. Something a bit more Midnight Cowboy comes to mind.

I'm picturing an app where my iPhone says "I'm ringing heayuh! I'm ringing heayuh!"
Caterina said…
The apartment -- amazing.
Your voice on an ap -- awesomeness (if I can steal the "word").
But really, your life -- so so cool.

But I am without a droid, palm-pre, iphone or the like.
I won't be able to hear you on my Flintstone phone.