but not at my house

Tonight On HGTV


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Let's Buy Our First House

Let's Paint a Wall

Let's Decorate a Wall With Cheap Crap

Let's Knock Out a Wall With Big Hammers

Let's Put in a New Wall with Exciting Features

Let's Purchase Colorful Gimcracks to Make Our House More Presentable

Let's Sell Our House

Let's Buy Another House

Let's Rip out the Kitchen and Put in a New One

Let's Fill a Room With Obscenely Expensive Crap

Let's Buy a House in Another Country

Prepaid Programming


Loretta said…
Yet another reason I am moving permanently to the Cape.
Anonymous said…
I feel so content with our house now that the tree is out of the living room. That channel has NO appeal for me at ALL.
Rita Arens said…
This made me laugh out loud.
The Coffee Lady said…
Don't you have 'Let's Patronise some Eejits who are trying to do a house up?' over there?
Unknown said…
What about "Let's hire more studly designers with dimples to show us how to decorate our homes with COLOR!"

Have you ever noticed that EVERY male designer on HGTV has dimples?
Anonymous said…
That was awesome. My favorite is "Let's Buy A House for the First Time with the Help of a Busty Real Estate Agent."

tut-tut said…
Create TV is so much more beguiling; especially those Scandinavian cooks who seem to enjoy fighting the wind.
alice c said…
How about the "We will give you a choice of THREE unsuitable houses in remote locations and terrorise you into buying one" show?
Crazy Mom! said…
Some people.

"Let's buy a wierd house and fill it chock full o' useless crappe before we have children who will fill it lippin' full o' happy meal toys"

BTW, I love Holmes on Homes too. He does good work.