boots, I keep thinking about boots...

I have plenty of boots.
I have Ugg boots (which I wear outside the house sometimes, HAHAHAHA Australian friends!), I have flat black boots (under $100 when I first got my job, don't really like them much), Frye Engineer boots (a little heavy), low brown suede boots (which are supposed to be waterproof), a lovely pair of Cole-Haan ankle boots (10 years old, from the outlet) and Wellies (not very warm!).
That's a lot of boots.
But, mind has been on boots.


I blame the Japanese magazines our friends sent me for Christmas.


Brown lace-up boots. I've a hankering.

brown boots

Fryes. Expensive.

black boot

I was attracted to these after a friend of mine showed me her new Balenciaga boots.


Oof. Just say "oof."
I can't afford to fall in love with Balenciaga boots - heck, it probably costs money just to LOOK at Balenciaga boots.

black boot 2

I think the metal piece might be too big, yes?


They're clogs! They're boots! They're BLOGS! Hey, I just made that up!

black boots

I love Palladium shoes.
Which brings me to these:

<span class=

which I think I will buy as I do not like to wear sandals in the city - to work.
I think I might.

Okay, so, now I've successfully talked myself out of boots.


Poppy B. said…

They'll get all dirty!

(Sheesh, when did I get all OCD?)

p.s. WV is sings. Ain't it the truth.
Anonymous said…
You've talked me out of boots too--but that is easy since it's all I've worn since the snow first fell in December.
Crazy Mom! said…
I've been talking myself into Clarks lately. Cause of the toe space. Not pretty, but comfy.

(Hee. The verification word is pechig. Ka-ching!)
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm also thinking about boots. The more boring, and warm, the better.

(Those heeled ones! Slippy.)
Anonymous said…
I love love boots and have several pairs, hiking, Wellies, duck. And I covet a pair of black riding-type boots, but I don't have the legs for them. And unfortunately I live in LA and there's not a lot of need for boots, so I rarely wear the ones i have. It's usually Dr. Scholl's for me.
Betty 2.0 said…
The first pair, where are they from? I like a lot.
Miz S said…
Boots!!! You're singing my song.
Scot said…
Boots? I want sneakers. Here's the ones I want - any of them except the black ones, don't much care for them.

Did you notice ---NO PRICE!!! CAN'T FIND A PRICE ON THESE BABIES ANYWHERE!!!!! I figure they're about $475 and kinda Luke Skywalker-ish. WTF is that thing hanging off the back? A zipper pull? Add that to the fact that I refuse to spend over $100 on sneakers and you ladies are going to have to take up a collection and buy these for me. Size 10 1/2 please.
Oh well, anybody know where I can find a good price on Vans?
Hey, my secret password is mists!
skipska said…
Agreed Betty 2.0, I adore the first pair!

Although, I'm sure they do not come in my honking huge shoe size :(
barbra said…
Thank you thank you thank you! I have wanted that last pair forEVER but did not know who made them! Hurrah!
Anonymous said…
I wasn't thinking about boots at all until I saw those Fryes.
Pray tell, how can I find them, and what will I need to mortgage to have them?

Mary said…
Oh no - now everyone knows that you wear your ugg boots outside!

The shame of it...
Loretta said…
Stop! You're killing me with the boots.

Me needs me some Balenciagas...the black ones with the big laces....

The sneaks - I'd rather see a pair of city sandals...
tut-tut said…
Me? I'm saving for Fryes. Don't tell anyone, but I still have a pair moldering in the back of the closet from . . .