because every second counts

We got our Epi-pens last night. Youngest and I practiced and then trained the other boys.


I only noticed that line on the box after we were if I hadn't realized that every second counts!
It's all well and good to practice with the fake, needle-free Epi-pen -

two and one

to jab each other in the thigh, to ask questions (how hard? how fast? what if I miss?) but, as Middle pointed out, the practice pen is weightless (the real pens have heft to them) and probably doesn't "fire" the same way as the real pen. Then again, as brother B (the paramedic) pointed out in a video chat: if we need the real pen? we won't have time to consider the heft and firing of the medication.


He's right. As each of us practiced stabbing someone in the thigh I reminded them that we would be nervous and, undoubtedly, would jab away with little thought as to how hard or fast.
Uncle B also pointed out that there would be enough time (presupposing our location) to grab a pair of scissors and cut a small hole in Youngest's pant leg and then shoot him in his bare flesh even though the instructions clearly (though not in my photo) show a man injecting himself through his khakis.


If we ever need this medication (chances are we won't and we still have to be formerly trained by the doctor) I'm pretty sure I'll be a wreck. I am confident that I would be able to inject Youngest but it would have to be through his pants...once we add the additional hazard of me having to use scissors I'm pretty sure I'd sever an artery.

It's always exciting around here, isn't it?


Badger said…
Ack! I think/hope you will never have to use it. I've never once had to use mine. (Um. YET.) But I still carry it everywhere and it makes me feel better to know it's there.
Stephanie said…
fast and firm and you'll be fine. You will totally be able to do it if you ever need to and I doubt you'll want to bother cutting a hole in his pants. Just get it in there! (but chances are you'll never have to!)
Anonymous said…
ah, he pants thing.

First, you will probably only sever an artery if his pants are around his neck at the time. but that's neither here nor there.

Yes, the needle (which I have seen and is plenty big enough to get through the pants) will go through his jeans. the process is going to slow you down on purpose. it's going to make you focus on something, and then when you get to the actual point of doing the injection you will do it correctly and wait ten seconds while it's injecting.

and response to the next question which is 'but dont I have to do it quickly?' yes. But keep in mind when I push epi in the field I am removing a syringe from packaging, retrieving and confirming I have retrieved the correct vial of medication, drawing up the correct amount. sterilizing the injection site, and then giving the injection. I am not very fast. I can give an injection of epi in about a minute. (I don't give the injection in the thigh so I don't have to cut pants.)

Uncle B
Anonymous said…
Scary post.
I loathe needles.
Sorry, gotta go.

(yeah, I am a chicken, mkay?)
Anonymous said…
That is exciting stuff. And I remember always PRAYING that I'd never need to do this when I'd take students on field trips. I always had that epi pen in my bag and every bee in the vicinity had me on super code red level 10 high alert status.
Anonymous said…
OMG, bb. To say it's exciting is a bit of an understatement. I am a wimp like Paola and can't handle this. I salute you for being able to.

MsCellania said…
You will be amazed how calm you will actually be if you really have to use it. You fall apart AFTER.
How lucky are you guys to have Uncle B?! A SurvivorMan!
Loretta said…
Both my younger sisters have children who need them. They have both given them to me when I've had the kids. All they told me was to click it like a pen and jab it in their leg.

Yikes! Now I'm freaking out!
The Tutugirl said…
They make it sound scary, but allergy shots really aren't that bad. I've never had to give myself an epipen because something went wrong. And if you're really worried about it (or Middle hates getting shots), you can always ask about a sublingual treatment which is safer and like taking an oral medication. Unfortunately, its also not covered by insurance, so its expensive.
Anonymous said…
If you need to do it, you will, and you'll do it well.
That's just how you roll, bb.

Miz S said…
AACK. I don't like it. Not one little bit.