How many more episodes are there?
Shouldn't this be wrapping up?
And, why don't I have any SweeTarts?

Russell is in total control of the game.
Shambo is a psychic.
Jaison is worried - he doesn't want to piss Shambo off.
John went home.
There are only eight left and next week I will be at my holiday party!

After Tribal, Russell does damage control with Shambo.
He lies as he's lied for the whole game (his words).

It's time for the commercials for new cars as Christmas presents! Is ANYONE really giving cars as Christmas gifts? I can't imagine.

The next morning, on the beach, Jaison is relaxing on the beach with some guy and Monica or Laura (don't quote me). Jaison says that he let Russell be the bulldog of the team while he sat back and manipulated. He talks about who the jury might like. They talk, here at day 36, about sending Russell home. Jaison tells them that Russell is wealthy.

Time for a challenge...but for immunity, not reward.
The players must bowl with random opponents. Two shots and the winners move to the next round.
Natalie vs Shambo - Natalie throws a gutterball. Shambo hits nine. Natalie hits four.
Brett vs Russell - Brett throws a gutterball. Russell hits four. Brett gutters again.
Jaison vs Monica - Jaison hits two. Monica throws into the gutter. Jaison hits four more and wins.
Mick vs Dave - Mick hits three, Dave throws a strike. Mick is out.
Round Two!
Shambo vs Russell - Shambo hits five, Russell hits four. Shambo hits four but Russell is out with four.
Jaison vs Dave - Jaison hits none, Dave too...Jaison hits seven, Dave? The gutter.
Finally it's Jaison vs Shambo.
Shambo throws into the gutter and Jaison hits NONE.
Shambo is in the gutter again and Jaison needs only one pin for immunity.
Can he do it?
Jaison wins again.
Shambo tells us that Dave is going HOME.

They return to camp and Dave is sure he's going home. Monica tells him to stay calm. Natalie is busy drying her panties on a tree. Nice, huh?
Monica talks to Russell about who's going. Russell says Dave but she argues against it. She argues that Shambo should go, that she's going to be a favorite with the jury. Anything could happen she tells him. Sure enough, Russell thinks it may be a good idea to keep Dave, and he goes to speak with him. They agree that they can get Brett, Monica and Natalie to vote Shambo. We wouldn't mind seeing Dave stay - and it sounds like it could work.
(I'm not terribly fond of Shambo so this works for me.)

They go to tribal where there's a good sized jury.
Jeff talks to Jaison about why people are voted out this late in the game.
This season, the jury is terribly emotive, don't you think? Someone needs to tell them to calm down.
Dave explains that the team may be better off keeping him and they vote.
Who is Mick? I don't know a thing about him!
Will Shambo be the only person who votes for Dave?
Jeff tallies the votes.
It looks like Dave...oh NO.
It is DAVE. Damn.
There's going to be no living with Shambo now.

The next morning Russell (who seems to be THE series narrator) tells us that Brett needs to go next because he's too nice. He tells Mick about this new plan and Mick listens but worries Russell because he's nervous.
No time for that - there's another immunity challenge.
Players race out to the water for a bag to be launched off a seesaw, on land, into a basket.
Brett and Mick are in the lead.
Brett wins.
Jaison thinks Brett's new energy could be a problem....

The team return to camp and celebrate Brett's victory. Monica is aggravated. Russell says Monica is going.
Brett, Mick and Monica have a chat. They discuss voting out Russell. Mick is feeling motivated to making a blindside. He approaches Jaison. Monica talks to Russell. She tells Russell that he's making a mistake and that she knows he has millions of dollars and that she could make or break him. He goes from teammate to teammate to find out who told Monica that he has money. But now Russell is mad - who told? The whole team is on edge. A decision must be made. Russell needs to send Monica home! He says he'll play the idol.

They go to Tribal.
The jury enter.
Russell puts the Idol around his neck.
But is he using it?
Monica challenges Russell and this thrills her. But Russell isn't concerned. The rest of the team seem a little unsettled though.
Did Monica's scrambling pay off? Who's getting the axe?
Russell does not play the Idol.
The votes? Tied - Russell and Monica...but it's Monica who goes.

Six left and, as Jeff says: more scrambling to come.

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