a short story about the sample sale - part deux

Today, my mom came into town to attend the sample sale of which I wrote earlier.
We had a great time and I got to introduce her to my friends at work.
We went down to the sale and Mom got some shopping done.
I had told her about the arm warmers and I looked in the boxes of gloves to see if they had been put back. They weren't there. I spoke to a sales person and she was surprised that such an expensive item was at the sale and went to look in the inventory to see if there were more of them.
There weren't any more.
While shuffling through a stack of scarves I spotted them!
Imagine my surprise!
There were hundreds of items in this huge place - but none as luxurious as these arm warmers.
I shouted for my mother - I was so excited to show them to her.
When I put them on I noticed that a seam, near the wrist, was open...and got even more excited.
I tracked down the employee and showed her.
This won't do, she said, I'm taking these to the manager.
I told her that he laughed at me yesterday but it didn't deter her.
She came back smiling.
50% off (before my discount!).
I had to buy them.
The seam will be very easy to repair and they are so beautiful! (I know, I know, still very expensive but I have many ways to justify the expense - the least of which is that I don't own anything cashmere...which is a good excuse, right? My real reasoning? Last night, the editors of BlogHer asked if they could run a post of mine from here. I post once or twice a month at BeautyHacks but this would be an additional post ~ hence? ADDITIONAL MONEY. So, please, read me tomorrow [again] at BlogHer [live at 6am] and just picture me in my unbelievably gorgeous cashmere arm warmers. SUCH A THING.)


Anonymous said…
I am happy for your cashmere-clad -- and warm! -- arms.
Scot said…
Jesus, and I thought $24 for men's underwear was too much! (That's 24 bucks for 1 ONE piece of clothing!)
I guess I should actually be thanking you. Now I can justfy buying it - them? WTF?
Any wat, hope your arm are nice and warm. THANKS!
JJ said…
totally worth it.
RW said…
I knew this would happen. The universe would find a way to get those to you. I believed.
Crazy Mom! said…
I am so jealous.
Anonymous said…
I love it when the stars align to bring you what you're pining for.

Miz S said…
Arm warmers! I never heard of such a thing. I think I need some. In cashmere, please.
Badger said…
Oh, thank goodness. Yesterday's post was giving me an anxiety attack.
They were obviously meant to be yours.

Will we get to see a picture?
That One said…
I'm with Badger on this one. I kept thinking "those arm warmers are Blackbirds! If anyone buys them before she gets to go back and get them, a curse on their house!"
barbra said…
I am so happy for you! They were meant to be yours.

I have to admit, though, that I have never in my life heard of or seen an "arm warmer," so I can't picture what they would look like on a person. Poor sheltered Southern Californian!
Amy A. said…
I knew it. You are charmed, bb.
Anonymous said…
I am pretty sure you can show us your arms wrapped in luxurious cashmere warmers. Sorry but you owe us after that breathless post yesterday ...
Right GIRLS?????
Eleanor said…
Right on Paola!!
Anonymous said…
I love a happy ending. But I am finding it hard to believe that you hadn't owned anything in cashmere prior to this. What's up with that? Not even a sweater with cashmere in it? That's a wrong that needed to be righted. Good find!

Anonymous said…
A christmas miracle! I bet a choir of angels erupted at the moment you rediscovered the arm warmers.
Priscilla said…

We all want to see these fantastic warmers!