Aren't these amazing portraits? I looked long and hard at each of these faces and found character and dignity in each. One need not agree with the ideology of each person to see the strength in their faces.

I find these Christmas trees endearing. Considering the fact that our tree usually costs us $70, one of these may be a good investment.

For the person who has everything I'm thinking these fishing weights are a unique and interesting gift. I'd love to bring them to a beach house as a hostess gift.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. This *could* be the end of the SweeTart habit. (So I'm having some right now.)

Even as Miss Harper has proved herself an independent and "spirited" child, I find myself completely enamored of her. Perhaps it's because I'm not fond of pets. Also, shes' very cute.

Words cannot describe the absolute joy I feel reading Go Fug Yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know they are famous, I know you all know/love/read them but I have to say that their humor and sense thrill me EVERY DAY.

Henis is the best WV word ever. EVER.

I love these little movies. That the third one is a commercial for the Kindle annoys me no end. That the first and third one are total rip-offs of the Oren Lavie (Her Morning Elegance) video makes me even angrier, though they are all good.

I've just seen Rick Steves (yawn) do a segment on the White Cliffs of Pamukkale. I found them spectacular! I also think watching Rick Steves at 9:00 on a Tuesday night is the epitome of Senior Citizen but every time I look for Anthony Bourdain that weird Andrew Zimmern guy is on so I am forced to watch Public Television.

Hey! It's after 9:00! I can get into my bed.



Anonymous said…
One of my favorite things is when you escort me around the World Wide Web, Blackbird. You find the most wonderful things. The trees are twee and I want them--even though I've planted the exact same trees every darn year out here--must be the burlap-wrapped root ball that makes them sweeter. And the videos! The cliffs! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I am in love with GFY!
And you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the lovely links. You DO have a knack for the internet.


PS) Rick Steves is a total dork on his show, but he is awesome in that he is a huge proponent of legalized marijuana. He always gives a very convincing speech at the annual Hempfest here in Seattle.
alice c said…
Pamukkale...we stayed there on our honeymoon...
lagata said…
I keep going back to those portraits... I will echo the other thoughts - you do find the most amazing things :o)