notes from Saturday

K is working this weekend. I'd never complain about that, you understand, but I do miss him a bit. I find that I am strangely productive when he works long hours. I cook and clean the kitchen. I do all the laundry. Today, I very nearly completed the Christmas shopping. It helps that each of the boys has asked for one or two things.
I did all of it on line and had some time to browse around.

I am fascinated by The Rotating Kitchen and am anxious to see updated footage of it as it has been rotating for a while now. What could it possibly look like at the end of February?


I made these. My advice: have plenty of milk in the house and do not attempt to eat more than one. Maybe two.

packaging note

Isn't that an interesting note? "Frustration free."

ThinkGeek is a bottomless pit of good shopping. I saw dozens of great things to buy for people and put together a small order. But, honestly, I could spend time just reading the site. Even the checkout pages were fun...

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I had read, last week, that the ThinkGeek staff post fake products from time to time. The Tauntaun sleeping bag was a big hit - and became a real product after hundreds of readers clamored for it.

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I almost bought one of these tiny trees as our Christmas tree this year but I changed my mind when I saw the Christmas Tree Couple at the end of my street in the city. I thought I had told you about them last year, but I just checked the archives and can't find a post about them. They come from far far away and live in their van on the street every year, from December 1st until Christmas morning. They sell Christmas trees 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all kinds of weather. A truck comes every couple of days and replenishes their stock and they are well taken care of by their neighbors - families run extension cords out to the van for electricity and several restaurants and residents allow the couple to use their bathrooms. They have been on the news and in the newspapers and, last year, when I finally met them there was no way I could buy a tree from anyone else. On Friday I bought a small tree and carried it home with me on the train. There's no way you can feel depressed on your way home with a Christmas tree over your shoulder. Lots of people smiled at me. And now? I feel just a little Christmas-y.

Then we watched a Christmas MythBusters...

and Middle showed me this:

and now?
I'm feeling a little Rube Goldberg-y.

And to all a good night.


smalltownme said…
the rotating kitchen -- why?
Anonymous said…
I am a little surprised that you wouldn't need a real tree. I love the "look" of the PB tree on the glossies in the catalog, but think you would feel let down by having an imposter in your home.
The Coffee Lady said…
I am beyond disturbed by the rotating kitchen. I have had to shut it off, as I was shouting NOOOOOOOOoooooo and Eldest complained she couldn't hear the television.
RW said…
this post was classic bb.

I love the thinkgeek site.

we brought our tree inside last night.

I am starting to feel christmasy now.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I am wondering too. What's with that darn rotating kitchen? I had to shut it off too!
For the rest of your post, it's like you're our personal GOOGLE, you're our bboogle!
Crazy Mom! said…
Durn you! Now all the Stooges are hollering for that Tauntaun sleeping bag!

I watched that Mythbusters too. The robot wouldn't co-operate for the longest time....
Anonymous said…
I loved the rotating kitchen. My husband even heard me exclaiming at the first crashes and had to see what the fuss was about. He went to art school so he and we get it. Ah, art.

I need the workweek to come so that I can do my online shopping. : )

alice c said…
There are days when my kitchen looks like that and it doesn't even rotate.
Mary said…
What Alice said!

I am wishing just once we could have snow at Christmas. A bit hard when it is summer here I know. But our best Christmases (before kids of course) were in cold climates..
Anonymous said…
Good night indeed!
I love a fun web site--Indigo Wild is like that.
Cindi and Bill said…
Thanks so much for the ThinkGeek boys are gonna love the BuckyBalls that happened to get ordered while I was visiting the site.
Ali said…
NOW I know how my kitchen gets in such a state - it's rotating when I'm not looking.

Funny how one develops loyalty to things like Christmas tree suppliers. My turkey always comes from the same farm. We're going away this year, but the bird has to go with us.