The Love Actually Winner

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Thirty two comments...put through a random number generator -

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which brings me to Jbhat. Comment number 29.

Anonymous said...

bb, I never enter blog giveaways. But thank you for doing this one. It IS sweet. But how do all of these people have your address? Maybe they have just a cropped version of it. : )

We didn't do a holiday party this year. But I would have worn what Cary Perk said she would wear. I thought those outfits sounded just about right.


Jb has been a devoted commenter for a long, long time - and, if she will be kind enough to email me with her address, I'll send her a copy of Love Actually - arguably the best Christmas movie of recent times.

Thank you all - you are dear to me.



lagata said…
Congrats Ms. Hat!

This was fun - thanks bb :)
That One said…
I adore Love Actually. I was going to enter your contest but, had I won, I would've been the owner of two copies of it.

Merry Christmas!
Amy A. said…
Oh! I was so close. But that's okay. I just won the blue-ray player at our work party, so I guess I had my big win for the year.

Merry Christmas, all!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!

What the heck?! This has absolutely just made my day. I LOVE Love Actually and, crazily, do not already own a copy of it. So thank you! What a lovely thing to pay forward.

Now of course, I can see that it was a random pick, but if you don't mind, I'm just going to pretend that comment #29 was selected because of how much you <3 me.

And you! You are dear to US. What would we do without our daily Say La Vee?

Thank you, bb. I'll be sending you my address TOOT SWEET.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I couldn't be happier with that random thing's choice. Reading the adorable jbhat's commentary is essential to the whole say la vee experience, imo. Cheers, lucky lady!

Anonymous said…
Congratulations. Awesome prize.
Anonymous said…
I came back to read again about how #29 was "randomly selected" (wink, wink), and have to say that not only do I love bb, I love bb's crowd of commenters. Thanks for the congrats and the sweet words! You are a kind, clever, witty, and good looking bunch (I'm sure of it!), and it's a fine thing that I get to hang out here with you all.

xo and merry christmas to everyone!

love, actually,