Just as I finished my ham...

... my phone rang! My cell phone, which, I should mention, is never upon my body when I am in my home (do all of you walk around with your cell phone in your pocket when you are at home?), rang and I went and found it and who do you suppose was calling? Eleanor!
Yes, dear friends, Eleanor was "ringing me up" to discuss our plans to meet.
Steps away from my office, Eleanor and her family are planning their month-long visit. That she is brave (or influential) enough to travel with two teenagers is impressive to me as I am forever making compromises/bargains/bribes to get my boys to agree to accompany me to the supermarket no less to the other side of the earth. But they are here and I'm pleased to report that Eleanor is working hard to make plans to entertain these Australian teens and that I'm going to sit with the bird boys today and see if they will make some further suggestions as to how to entertain visitors in our fair city.
Eleanor reported that they had just returned from cupcaking (my term, which I will copyright) and that the gents had made plans to see a hockey game.
I spoke to K and he agreed (though we would have to excavate the boys rooms as they are completely buried in laundry and other flotsam) that I should offer an afternoon outside the city limits. Perhaps the Commentboxes would appreciate a change of scenery? (Eleanor, dear, think about it...might B like to shoot alien space invaders on the PS3? Perhaps just one or two of you would like to visit? Chili for dinner? No pressure though - you might be "busy.")

And now, whilst Eleanor ponders (ridiculous of me to offer "no pressure" isn't it? I mean, the entire internet is waiting NOW), I offer a smattering of holiday photos...


The ever-adorable, rapidly growing, fellow who is Youngest, who received a cellphone so complicated that (as seen in this photo) he uses it to reposition a satellite just beyond Mars. There is no question that Youngest's cellphone is on his body at every waking (and perhaps sleeping) moment.

New Boots

I gave K a new pair of boots which, if such a thing can be said, are so attractive to me that I cannot stop staring at his beautifully shod feet. And they are waterproof.

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The Mug Boss. Google it as it is difficult to explain. Suffice to say that Middle asked for virtually nothing in this season of giving and was thrilled to receive not one but two sets of small clips that manage wires on ones desk.

I do not have a picture (and wish I did) of Oldest and his dearest friend Z sitting on my couch on Christmas morning enjoying a book of extraordinary tree houses that I brought him from work. Though in their twenties they suddenly seemed 8 or 9 years old.

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I cannot encourage the purchase of one of these more heartily. Part of the purchase is a donation to the most wonderful educational cause, but the rest of the purchase is pure fun. The Air Cannon/AirZooka is a fabulously funny weapon that gently punches victims with a puff of, um, well, AIR.

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Please ignore K's shirts awaiting the iron and the antique television and dark lighting and observe two young men in Air Battle (which is/was just too damn funny).
Alas, they were each given as gifts (the guns, not the boys) and live, now, only as good memories.

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It's all down hill now...we are making plans for movies and visits and, tonight, the theater with the Mums.

black bird in the snow

We'll have some Croque Monsieurs first, though. As you can see, I'm putting on weight.


Badger said…
Oh! We love the AirZooka! We don't have one, though. But they are fun.

And we all got new cell phones, too!

And you will have to give Eleanor an extra hug, just from me.

And my word verification is undeper, OMG.
Ali said…
It's just winter plumage! And I am oddly taken with those air guns - silly yet addictive - the perfect gift!
RW said…
I loved this post.
I love the fact that you are going to meet Eleanor and the entire commentboxes.
I love the last photo.

That is a whole lotta love.
coming at you from over here on the west coast.
Anonymous said…
Wonderfully practical and silly gifts! I must remember to browse Think Geek next year in early November. Great stuff there.

Remember now, hug for Eleanor from me. You may also admire her green lace scarf.
Grandma Cebe said…
A little off topic, but I have that same rug in 9 x 12. Great taste bird.
Crazy Mom! said…
We too love the AirZookas - we got one a couple of years ago and it is a great source of male fun. The Stooges are wild about such things. Also the cell phones which do EVERYTHING.

And speaking of air cannons, my verification word is arcratig. Hee.
KPB said…
I'm just letting you know that when I come to NY I will basically be living in your kitchen and living room talking.non.stop. or just asking you all to talk non stop so I can get my fill of the Blackbird family dynamic AND accent.

I may allow you some breathing space by visiting our friends who so rudely returned to the US when the Australian Govt kicked them out of the country on a small but apparently important point of one of them no longer having a) a job and b) that job being the one that had them sponsored to be here in the first place.

There will be shopping expeditions to those crazy warehouse places you go where you can buy a whole cow as well as Japanese mayonnaise and sweets.

I'm just going to sit in your jeep for a while.

K better have made some salami for me and Chef to feast on. Oh, and your brother better show his face at some stage.

Not that I'm demanding or anything.

And Youngest better hide his Terry's Chocolate Orange when I get there.

And those shoes. OH MY.
Suse said…
Did you get that bb? She's going to sit in your jeep for a while. (Does it still leak?)

Meanwhile, *I* will be hanging out in the dining room, writing limericks on the blackboard.
Anonymous said…
A month in/near Tuvalu for dear Eleanor from the Commentbox? What a lucky commenter. Give her a smooch from me/us. She's a good one to have around, I bet.

eurolush said…
Hey! I recognize that photo at the end of the post...it's my backyard!!

Am now famous?

My backyard on bb's blog?

Will fortune follow?

Legions of fans?

A title from the Queen?

Supreme Lady Eurolush?


PS-The air bazooka looks pretty awesome.
Mary said…
You will fall in love with Eleanor - you know that don't you?!!

I love that treehouses book too!
blackbird said…
It's true!
The last photo belongs to Eurolush!
I love your breakfast table.
I love your little tree with the red and white and words.
I love your boys.

PS:Yesterday, my Oldest and Youngest went out and got tattoos together!
Anonymous said…
Everything about this post made me smile--from "cupcaking" to treehouse books shared to Youngest repositioning satellites beyond Mars. Enjoy that visit!
Carol said…
I have a question about the air blowing cannon. Does it require two to truly have fun or will one do it?

I rarely have my phone on me at home. I often miss calls. Old dog, new tricks. say la vee.

Happy holidays to you and yours