it's Christmas Eve

I wasn't especially aggravated about the fact that my company is open today. I do realize that some of my co-workers celebrate Christmas today and understand how they might be annoyed. But those people won't be in, so it doesn't matter.
But I am here... and there are bagels and Mimosas in Conference Room B and I suspect we won't get much done, and the city was populated by people with a little spring in their step.
While riding the subway downtown I was sure I saw Eleanor and her family because, did I tell you? She is staying one block away from my desk! ONE BLOCK.
It wasn't them.
I was going up the steps from the subway, musing on Eleanor's trip and what it must have been like for them to arrive here last night. There's a lot of snow here right now (dirty in town but twinkling in my garden at home) and the city, while grubby and slushy, has an air of holiday expectedness. (I'm quite sure that is a word.) While I was musing, coming up from the train, my toe caught the very edge of a step and I started to fall. It was at precisely that moment that I saw a Giant on the step just below me and to my left. He put out his huge, warm hand, palm up, and with no effort at all, caught me and prevented my fall. It was a breath of a second. We may not have even lost our pace on the steps.
I whispered thank you.
He was silent. Huge and silent.
We came to the top of the steps and just as I was at his eye-level I remembered and said,
Merry Christmas.
His very big face smiled and he softly replied, To you too.


Lover Lady said…
A gentle Christmas giant...what a great story. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
That One said…
Oh I do so hope you have a chance to meet Eleanor while she's visiting your neck of the woods!

Merry Christmas, bb!
eurolush said…
Hmph! I want a Christmas giant. No fair!

PS-The merriest of Christmases to you and yours...
Poppy B. said…
Maybe it's almost worth going to work, what with the Christmas giants and the mimosas. And you are going to be so happy to get home tonight to twinkling Tuvalu.

Merry Christmas, bird!
MsCellania said…
The magic and gentleness of the season can take my breath away.
Merry CHristmas, bb!
wendy said…
A simple and touching tale to remind us the world can be a wonderful place.
Merry Merry to you bb and your loved ones.
kayare said…
Always the perfect way to start my day. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
RW said…
I cried a little too.
what a story!

and Eleanor so close by - what a blessing.

enjoy your christmas eve day!
Amy A. said…
I think I just felt a little bit of the Christmas Spirit that I didn't think was going to hit me this year. Thank you. :)

Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Does this blog count as you being published? Because you should be published. You have a way with words, and what's more, a way with living.

I think that your guardian angel's earthly disguise today was that of a Giant. Right there for you to catch your fall.

jbhat, who is also at work, not minding it too much, but now desperately wishing for a Mimosa
Badger said…
That was Eleanor's grandpa looking out for you. Yep. Believe it.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely moment. Give Eleanor a big hug from me when you see her.
tammy said…
Ahhhh... what a great story!
Loretta said…
M.C. dear BB!
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, you beautiful Blackbird. And to all your flock.

islaygirl said…
merry merry dearest bb. what a great post.
Suse said…
A hug from me and one for Eleanor when you see her.


Miz S said…
I am always late these days. Late or not, I enjoyed the story of the Giant Who Caught The Blackbird.

Merry Christmas!