I'm just a little cranky

At my office party, the other night, a scantily clad co-worker came close to my face and whined that she did not feel well.
I'm afraid I wasn't very nice and asked her to take two steps away from me and implied that she might be contagious.
Now I have a scratchy throat and am tired. And she? Called in sick.

K took Youngest to a doctor's appointment last evening which meant I walked from the train, which I don't mind. At the end of the walk I was knee-deep in snow, which is still okay, BUT...I forgot my key and was locked out of the house. My cell phone was dead too. I was able to get a text to Middle to ask him to hurry home with the key but I still waited outside for nearly an hour while the "idiot key" was hanging in the kitchen.

That walk from the station was fine until I slipped on some ice, three quarters of the way home, and pulled a muscle in my back - just a little.

My favorite underwire camisoles (from The Gap) have a design flaw that practically propels the wire through the fabric and directly into my chest. I have hot glued them, sewn them and am about to clip the wire shorter in an attempt to save my flesh.

I think I'm losing my taste for SweeTarts.


Mary said…
your losing your taste for sweet tarts?!

The wire sticks in to you?!

I would be demented!
Mary said…
that would be you're not your!
Julie said…
I don't even know you but when I saw sweetarts at the grocery I thought of you. Feel better and merry Christmas.
Crazy Mom! said…
ooo - your trip home sounds miserable and so cold! And I hate having those wires poking me. You just can't get comfortable.

I hope you feel better and can get some rest, with more comfy clothes. Hot tea. That's the ticket.
KPB said…
Well thank GOD for that - there was just way to much joy and happiness over here, I was starting to worry you'd lost your Nark.

Have no idea what sweetarts are - don't have them here but it shits me they're spelt incorrectly.

Underwires - a necessity and curse.

SNOW! How wondrous! Are you making the Blackbird Family Annual Snowball?

You know Eleanorfromthecommentbox is on her way to Tuvalu don't you? That she'll be there for something outrageous like a MONTH? So deeply envious. If you two have arranged to meet up you must have a total lesbo pash in public for me. And check she's wearing clean undies. She's notorious for questionable personal hygiene.
RW said…
wires poking me would make me miserable too.

and being locked out of the house is lame.

but snow is nice.

there will be no snow here this year.
Anonymous said…
This sounds like a case of "Take two and call into work sick in the morning."
dan renzi said…
Anonymous said…
And that was one of the reasons I gave up on underwires. Despicable things. Sounds to me like its time for some time off for you.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me, or does Kim ask too much?

Anonymous said…
Feel better soon. All of those things would propel me over the edge, I think. But I know you will hang in there.

alice c said…
My secret remedy for an attack of 'Life is Evil' syndrome is a visit to Badger's Twitter feed. Never fails to make me laugh.

Miz S said…
Speaking of your office party, I watched Love Actually last night. AND. I realized that Harry's office party is exactly what I pictured when I read about your office party. All those stylish people, etc. So, I figure the scantily clad girl who made you sick must be Mia. Tell her to stop wrecking people's marriages!

Feel better, blackbird. And Merry Christmas!