The Holiday Party

It's all set.
The location of my company's holiday party has been announced and I can finally tell you about it.
(I realize you've been waiting, breathlessly, to read this.)
After visiting and enquiring at:
1. The private club at which my boss is a member.
2. The very fine restaurant he enjoys several times a month.
3. Five or six local restaurants/hotels.
4. A very sexy 5000 square foot loft space.
5. The commercial catering kitchen of the restaurateur who owns the restaurant at which my boss dines several times a month....

We (and by "we" I mean myself, my pal at work, KT, and my boss) chose....THE COMMERCIAL KITCHEN OWNED BY THE FAMOUS RESTAURANTEUR.
I know what you're're thinking what? and, believe me, I thought that too - AT FIRST.
KT and I had seen/talked about/discussed so many venues. As it turned out, I went alone one day to see number four and number five. I very nearly dismissed number five and, in fact, went back to my boss and said: it really just IS a kitchen. But then I went with The Boss and KT to see this kitchen and we had time to think and talk and we realized that it would be an amazing place to have a cocktail party.
And so, we are!

This is from a local magazine...

You ever notice how at most parties, guests always gravitate toward the kitchen? USHG’s first annual Kitchen Party helped revelers cut to the chase by transforming the massive production facility of a catering company into an event space. I headed to the eighth floor of the warehouse. Inside, the kitchen’s fluorescent lighting had been replaced by mood lighting, orchids decorated the walls, and guests chose among absinthe, wine and suds. All the while, the kitchen was running full throttle: chefs forked over free-form durum wheat pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce, pork saltimbocca and a polentina soup (chicken broth, polenta, vegetables) A pit master presented a smoked pig along with beef and pork ribs; and the executive chef oversaw the remainder of the edibles, including foie gras with kumquats, and massive cubes of tuna cru topped with caperberry slices.

It's nearly all arranged and I've had a great time doing it.
KT and I have giggled over menu choices and had a wonderful time contemplating "signature cocktails."
There are just a few small details (the packaging of the takeaway chocolate)(the guest list) left to arrange - and then we will be free to celebrate.

Perhaps we will be fortunate enough to have me take pictures.


RW said…
that is going to be some party!
Lover Lady said…
Make sure to add "Bunny + 1" onto that list! ;) SO jealous, being a foodie and all.
That One said…
I think it would be fascinating to have a cocktail party there.

Good find, you.
Jen on the Edge said…
I normally avoid office parties, but that is one that I would actually want to attend.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant. It's true about kitchens--that's why we put no walls around ours when we built our house.
MsCellania said…
A coup.
By You.
Anonymous said…
SO COOL. What a great plan. I cannot wait to hear about it and see all sorts of photos full of cropped people.

Julia said…
Great idea! And I'm looking forward to hearing about those signature cocktails. Yum!
NorahS said…
Sounds divine! DO take pictures!
Anonymous said…
Sounds great!
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
Well done, bb! If I lived closer to Tuvalu, I would beg, borrow, steal, do whatever it would take to get on the guest list.
Anonymous said…
Perfection, with Absinthe! I tip my hat to you. If I had one, that is.

Miz S said…
This will be FUN. I can't wait to hear about it.
Loretta said…
I am so stinkin' jealous.

Ours is at the local Italian meatball and spaghetti place down the street at 1:00.