his first paycheck

Middle is as passionate about music as he is about film and photos.

Last week he went to the audiologist and had molds made of the inside of his ears.(I KNOW, eew.) Actually, he had to have the wax removed from one of his ears first, for perfect impressions. (I KNOW, EEEW.) My mom drove him over to the ENT and they removed the wax and then the audiologist, apparently, poured warm liquid - I don't know, silicon? into his ears. He left with a set of baby blue blobs of rubbery stuff that fit perfectly inside his ear holes.

Then he opened a bank account and filled out forms and sent his little yucky ear molds to these guys. And these guys (seen above) are making him the Ultimate Ear headphones.
As a drummer, I can see that he'd like to protect his hearing.
I just kind of wish we could all get fitted for Ultimate Ears so we don't have to listen to HIM drumming.


Anonymous said…
see and i thought this was going to lead to the ultimate in ear headset for maximum ipod-age. darn.

Anonymous said…

I wear hearing aids, so I know what it feels like to have the stuff put in your ears for ear molds. But my audiologist has never warmed it up. I'm going to have to talk to him about that.
SzymonXY said…
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Anonymous said…
Uh oh ... SPAM ... while talking about high tech earphones!
Just finished baking a batch of rainbow cookies. YIPPIE!
daysgoby said…
Oh but just think! Someday you'll be front and center at a huge stadium, shouting at the person standing next to you.
Ali said…
I found that video strangely compelling. But then, I also have a thing for ears. Am I sharing too much?
ew...but that makes sense. I should get some just so I can enjoy peace and quiet on the weekends here when my kids are home.
The depth of adoration I feel for Middle is now bordering on creepy. Even for me.
catsteevens said…
What an amazing son you have. And no, no eew-ing :)

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