the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

My Christmas shopping is done. (Well...maybe just one more thing, but it's across the street from my office so it barely counts, right?)

I got a beautiful scarf and gloves for client of K's at the sample sale. We never know what to buy this woman who is responsible for K's Spring Project - she's a tiny skinny thing and we've taken her to wonderful restaurants (she doesn't eat) and given her spa certificates (tough on the budget) and sent her flowers. Last year he sent her a Tiffany pen but this year I was stumped...until the sample sale! The scarf is very finely woven gold silk and the gloves are long and black leather with delicate gold chains at the wrist.

This Root Touch Up stuff? Is great!

The Bad

My very dear, sweet pal Poppy's de-luxe apartment in the sky has been badly damaged during a fatal fire in the building. While I am thankful that no one was in the apartment, and grateful that Poppy is dealing with it all with her usual grace, I am sad about it.

My Youngest has broken his hand. He has a lot going on in his life, my Youngest, and we are all trying hard to comfort him. He is wearing a very uncomfortable splint for now and will see the Hand Guy next week. I'm hoping they put a cast on it.

The Ugly

I've moved furniture and K has brought up the decorations. The tree is STILL on the front porch and we have not decorated and it's POURING rain.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting watching House Hunters International.
I love me some House Hunters International. I'm picturing us, today in Spain, choosing between three intriguing homes.

Why, though, have I not found Love Actually on television yet this season?


Anonymous said…
The bad is very bad, indeed, although as Poppy points out it could be a lot, lot worse. Give Youngest a hug from me (but don't tell him it's from me because that would be just too weird) and tell his hand to heal quickly.
jo said…
I know!!!! I searched my TV listings for the next 2 weeks and I DO NOT SEE IT. And...AND...I checked my DVD collection and i don't OWN IT! I need to see that film. The whole Natasha thing was going to make it more poignant then ever. I do believe it would have been a two hankie viewing instead of just one.
And that Youngest...he's a trouper.
Happydog said…
Ummmm House Hunters International...I LOVE that show--even though the people often annoy the hell out of me because they often complain the houses in a FOREIGN COUNTRY are different than North American houses....what no closets?! And no granite tops in the kitchen...sheesh...but it’s fun to fantasize about looking for a house in Spain, or Italy, or France or...
mckie2 said…
Love Actually was on a couple weekends ago. I watched it for you. Still good.
Love Actually is featured on AirFrances Holiday Collection of Movies. (Along with A Christmas Story!) I watched it on my trip home. Oops! I guess you will have to go to France for a Christmas trip? ;)
Unknown said…
I spent the entire night last night watching HH International. I did 2 in france, one in northern Spain, one on Cyprus... OK, I watched the entire 10th season. And for once I picked out some of the correct choices. Usually I want them to buy the most beautiful house and they want the fixer uppers.

Did you see the one with the obnoxious New Yorker buying in Buenos Aires? She had to completely gut two brand new kitchens to make the apartments livable. Boy, she irritated me.

I was haunted by Poppy's fire, perhaps why I couldn't sleep. It was terrifying just to read her post.

I have a copy of Love Actually for just this reason. LOVE it.
Anonymous said…
When I read about Poppy's apartment fire last night, it really shocked me. I am not used to high rises (it's that what they're called?) and the idea just put chills through my spine. People are trapped and in a very dangerous position after the panic gets you. But she wrote about it with such dignity. I guess when something so bad brushes you what stay with you is simple thankfulness.
Love Actually: I have it in the cineforum (Thursdays' ladies movies) for after the holidays, just to prolong the happiness!
Youngest: AHI AHI AHI AHI AHI. This young man has to go through a LOT, uh?
Hug and kisses all around!
LynS said…
I suspect this is a question whose answer involves cultural difference but...why do you have to buy such an elaborate and expensive gift for K's client? If she's a client, isn't the important thing to deliver the product she's purchasing as well as K possibly can? Is she in such need of consumer goods that she'll be influenced in where she places her custom by what you buy her? If she is influenced by gifts, do you trust her business acumen?

I was very moved by Poppy's story and the grace with which she dealt with such a disaster.
Mary said…
The good is good.

The bad is very bad - thank goodness the apartment was empty and I am sorry for Youngest and his hand.

The ugly sounds ugly indeed.

And I am wishing we had House Hunters International here - exactly my kind of show
Badger said…
A broken HAND? Oh, holy crap! I can't imagine how badly that must have hurt. I hope poor Youngest is all healed up TOOT SWEET. (He didn't break it doing parkour, did he?)
Anonymous said…
I hope the ugly and the bad turn into the good, somehow, some way.

If you took me to a wonderful restaurant, you can bet that I'd be eating. Just saying.

Anonymous said…
I don't know. And get this: I was all ready to watch it and I CANNOT FIND MY DVD OF LOVE ACTUALLY.
But that's not as ugly as your son's hand. I'm sorry for him.
eurolush said…
Ouch. Sorry about the hand. Hoping for a quick recovery for Youngest.

Also sorry about Poppy's apt. building fire. Scary.

On a happier note, glad to hear I'm not the only one with empty, misplaced Christmas trees at this late stage of the game.

Holla back.