There's still lots of holiday action going on here in Tuvalu!

Watch these whilst I get my mammogram done!

If Shakespeare had meant it to be funny he'd have put a joke in it.

Do you know how difficult it IS to roll a sea kayak?



Defunct Lisa said…
I went yesterday. First one that didn't hurt.... now the waiting on results... (biting nails)

Thanks for the distraction! My cousin sent me this:
Anonymous said…
Oh that Babies looks fascinating--who'd have thought?
Rowan never fails to make me giggle. "Orifice" Heh.
Anonymous said…
Nothing sad or bad better happen to those babies in that movie. Because I really want to see it after watching that trailer, and if it's not just one big happy smushy baby lovefest, then I won't be able to handle it.

Speaking of smushing, hope your mammogram went well.

KPB said…
Hope the boob squeeze was a blast.

Now, that babies movie. Oh.My.GOD.

Firstly, the opening scene of the siblings - if they were two of mine forget the biting and trying to steal something from the other, they just would have picked up those rocks and thrown them at each other's head. And probably then spat on them. Or something equally appalling. Such is the behaviour of my offspring at the moment.

And THEN - those babies! That Japanese baby getting tied up in a bundle, on the back of a motorbike, drinking that muddy water on the road, the goat (or yak or gazelle or whatever the fuck that big hairy animal WITH HORNS was) drinking the bath water. My uterus is ACHING.

Today, Jasper wanted to watch this photo montage thingy I made for his second birthday. Well, did I stand in the kitchen watching it from afar and simply CRY.LIKE.A.BABY? OH yes I did, big heaving snotty sobs for the babies they once were and the road ahead.


Yeah, I've got my period. Shut up.
Jen said…
I saw that trailer when we went to the movies last Tuesday. It gave me the willies: the babies looked unnatural, like some of their movements and poses were computer-enhanced, like the roller skating babies ad.