the day after

I'm still a little cranky, though it was a lovely Christmas.

My favorite moments:

I received wonderful presents...from Oldest (who earns part of his living driving for an elderly bespoke tailor), a collection of antique buttons hand chosen at a secret location he visited. I have plans to replace existing buttons with these over-sized mother of pearl beauties.
K bought me lots of great stuff but the lamps for our room and the new battery for my "good" watch make me very happy. Middle bought me one of those little window-smashing hammers for my car, which I wanted very badly! (He tells a fabulous story about walking all over the city, bundled in his black hoodie, asking for a hammer to smash car windows.)

My FAOA awarded my Uncle a Victoria Cross for his bravery and valor in the face of the enemy just after dinner yesterday while my boys stood as an honor guard in home-made uniforms. It was a small ceremony which she conducted from a chair and was funny and moving and touching all at once.

Visiting with my new cousin who is tiny and cute and shy. Christmas with a wee one is extra nice.

Today I am itching for ham. Yes, HAM. I'm off to find one and then to neaten up our bedroom, which served as Christmas Central for the past few weeks and must now be put back in order.
Tomorrow I am taking The Moms (K's and mine) to the theater!


Loretta said…
Have a giant ham here...come on ovah!
Jen on the Edge said…
It sounds like a lovely day.

Will we get to see a photo of the new buttons?
KPB said…
We have a ham the size of a small African nation, come on over. The perfect excuse for international travel I say.

In fact I just made Chef and I Welsh Rarebit with ham and MAN they were good.
Anonymous said…
Vintage Buttons?? He is a boy of amazingly good taste!
The Coffee Lady said…
A hammer for Christmas? Cool. Christmas often makes me want to smash stuff.
Anonymous said…
You sound like a woman treated right. We have a lot of leftover ham--from an award-winning butcher (specifically for the ham)...come on over.
Anonymous said…
I pray that you will never need to use that hammer on your window. Egads. What play did the Mumsies get to see? When I went to Tuvalu a few years ago, I saw Kathleen Turner in The Graduate--*naked!* (We went courtesy of a friend who had tickets.)

I second the statement that Christmas with a wee one is extra nice.