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On The Home Front:
We had some huge-ass steaks, last night, for Middle's birthday and they were great.
K gave the dog a bone and she was on the front lawn for a very long time.

On The Office Front:
My work-pal and I have decided that we are going to go over to the party venue about half an hour early. We're going to see how they've set things ups and get the lay of the land and have a glass of wine and celebrate our hard work before anyone else arrives. I'm pretty excited about it.

On The Home Front:
How many episodes of Survivor are left? I'll be around for this next one but will miss the one on the 17th for the, above mentioned, party.

Back At The Office (Front):
Tomorrow, my mom is coming into town and we are going to a fabulous sample sale together. I'm going to show her around the office and we'll have lunch together. The cafe downstairs has a delicious white bean soup which I'm hoping they have on hand.

I'll need to make some Christmas cookies during the next couple of weeks. I bought some Christmas cards. We need to bring the tree in and decorate inside and out.
Time is feeling a little compressed right now - after the party next week it's going to be a steep slide into Christmas, I just know it.



Miz S said…
Steep slide. Yeah. I'm feeling it. What's a sample sale?
blackbird said…
In the olde days a sample sale was an opportunity to purchase actual manufacturers sample wares - slightly off sized things with no labels (read: wonky cheap sweaters from a designer you could never afford). Now it means sharp reductions on slightly outdated goods in a warehouse sort of setting with hundreds of Japanese tourists.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm too tired for shopping. Not too tired for wine, though, strangely...
RW said…
I made some christmas cookies yesterday. but did not accomplish much else.
I just spent a weekend in Miami with friends. This weekend I'm going to hang out with my Mom and finish her Christmas shopping. In between, I'm working full time.

I'm in denial about what I have to do in the next 2 weeks.
Anonymous said…
Your home and office plans sound lovely. Especially the part about going to the party place early and the part about spending time in town with your mom.

Anonymous said…
I can see you in the venue, all dressed up (in a hip, cool, chic way) amidst soft lights, candles, Christmas lights, sipping a Prosecco with your friend, laying back and enjoying the accomplishment of your job.
Have fun with your mom amidst all the Japanese.
Duyvken said…
Happy birthday middle - I hope steaks made from huge ass taste better than they sound.
I loved his photo that you posted yesterday, bb!
Anonymous said…
It's always a steep slide into Christmas for me. Alas. Enjoy that party.
Caterina said…
Your office party sounds cool & hip and something I would love to attend.

And I hear ya, I'm slipping right down that steep slide, weeee :P