by the time we were done with dinner

I had missed most of Survivor.
I had alerted my mom: K was working very late, I was working sort of late, Middle was in class until after 6:00 and Youngest - well, Youngest likes to come home from school and take a nap.
I arrived after 7:00 and happily fulfilled Youngest's request for burgers and fries.
I had a tough day and managed to turn on the television at 8:20.
Shambo was mourning the loss of the chickens, which were butchered for a meal.
She didn't have a problem cooking them.

I went to the dentist yesterday and guess what? Not a single cavity. The dentist said: you have beautiful teeth! I see you are no stranger to dental work - but they are very nice teeth!
This would be my new dentist. He's down the block from my office and takes our insurance, two things I cannot say for my previous dentist.

So, Shambo is wearing high black socks and a black bra top thing. She's had some freaky dreams, she tell us. She dreamed that they voted Dave off and decides to tell the team about it. Russell is eager to convince her that it is a sign and that that is what they should do.

Do you think I should give "the cousins" gifts from LLBean or gift cards to Barnes and Noble? I'm asking.
Arm And Hammer thinks I should give everyone an Arm And Hammer Spin Brush. I'm not so sure the cousins will be terribly impressed with a gift of toothbrushes. Feel free to leave me a comment regarding what to give 7 cousins between the ages of 3 and 19 for Christmas.
(I'm open to considering gifts from other catalogues too - speak up!)

There's a physical endurance challenge on Survivor. Apparently I missed an auction earlier this evening. Jaison has won an advantage in this challenge at the auction.
The players must hold posts of wood up with one hand by gripping a rope.
It's a hot day and the sun is beating down on the players.
Jaison takes his advantage move and is able to re-position his hand on the rope. But it's early in the challenge -will this help him in the end?
Shambo struggles and is the first person out of the contest.
Russell claim he has a cramp and is out of the running.
Monica drops her log, as does John.
Brett lets go.
Jaison, Mick, Dave and Natalie are left when Mick lets go.
Natalie can't hang on.
Jaison and Dave are left. For immunity.
Neither of them look comfortable but Dave lets go first.
Jaison is a good guy about it but tells us that they have to vote Dave out tonight.

Russell and that other guy talk back at camp. That Other Guy tells Russell he knows he has the idol. Russell confesses he has it but in the meantime he tells us they should get rid of John (who, I learn, IS the other guy).

Russell goes and confides in Dave. Can we trust it? Can Dave?
Russell works it against John with other teammates.
He pushes hard for John to go.

I'm a little confused as people discuss who should go and what it will mean, but a few SweeTarts later and we are at Tribal.
Jeff congratulates Jaison for making the right move at the auction.
Is Dave concerned?
Are we really on day 30?
Who will go home?


Do we doubt the power of Russell?


Badger said…
Give the younger ones bookstore gift cards and the older ones iTunes gift cards. I am ALL ABOUT the gift cards.
Unknown said…
I'm in love with Fisher-Price's new line of toys called "Imaginext" and would suggest them for the youngsters on your list. My 6 year old has a couple of items from the space serues and is having a blast playing with them. Don't tell him, but Santa will be bringing him items from the ocean exploration series for Christmas... They are available from a number of sources, inc. Target and Amazon. For older kids, I love searching Etsy for something unusual/innovative.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful holiday.
Jen on the Edge said…
Definitely Barnes & Noble. My girls are always thrilled when they're given the opportunity to shop for their own books.
Jen on the Edge said…
Oh wait, for the three year old, I'd suggest an actual book or toy, since toddlers don't understand the concept of gift cards.
I agree that the teenagers might like iTunes gift cards. The younger kids like B&N cards. My nephew used to say he loved it when I gave him a "book credit card"
Anonymous said…
a) except for the littlest, a gift card is perfect, easy. Done.

b) Who is Brett? Each time we saw him we were saying "Who is that again?"

c) Russell continues to astound.

d) You guys need a DVR. That way you can record, start late if you want to or have to--and also zip through commercials.
Julie said…
santa gave my girls some smencils in their stockings stockings last year, and they both loved them (aged 7 and 11 then). I think he got them colored smencils this year. he likes to shop at (n/a). and iTunes or BN cards for older children are always appreciated.
ssheers said…
I would like a gift card from B&N.

My girls would like gift cards from Itunes or B&N.

You know way more about boys than I ever will.

If you need to get a present for a kid in a tooth-losing age (around first grade), I recommend the book Throw Your Tooth on the Roof by Selby Beeler.

A good book for girls who still get read to at night: Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter by Diane Stanley.

A few of my favorite books for little kids:
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae
Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw
Anonymous said…
Another vote for the B&N gift card.
My nephews are getting Aaron Rodgers jerseys. Just a thought.
Eleanor said…
OK, so I finally succumbed and googled "sweetarts". Good lord, it's a lolly! All this time I thought it was a new type of pop-tart. Oh well, I enjoyed the mystery for quite a while there.

I agree with Badger re the iTunes. In my personal experience teenagers (unless they LOVE reading) resent receiving bookstore vouchers. Vouchers for clothing shops would be great with girls, but I still think you cannot go wrong with iTunes.

I'm ALL ABOUT the Christmas presents here. Hehehehe...
Miz S said…
What Badger said.
Anonymous said…
I went a bit over my limit for my 9 year old niece, but this is what I got her and it is so MORE adorable in real life than on the screen.

(As if it matters, I am the one who took the same picture as you did of the baby doll appendages)