big waves

I read, yesterday on the train, about The Eddie. The top surfers from around the world had gathered in Hawaii to see if, perhaps, after four years, there *might* be a surfing contest.
I read intently, about the fact that the waves in this competition would be 20 to 50 feet tall, that conditions must be exactly right, that it would be invitation only surfing and that the surf world was waiting and watching and holding its breath.
The competition is actually called The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau and though it could be held yearly, conditions have not been conducive in four years. BUT...
Surf experts and weather officials have forecast a swell — churned by North Pacific storms — that may rival those of 1969, considered a seminal year in surfing the North Shore, where images of surfers flying down towering waves helped bring the sport into the mainstream and into the perennial realm of cool.
I was excited to read about it and thought, last night, of the surfers watching the ocean intently to see if this historic event might actually take place.
Riding in on the train this morning, K tapped on the paper and pointed -
It happened!
You should really click on the photo links - they are astounding!


Anonymous said…
Awesome photos. But I am very thankful that none of my boys (that includes DH) are sufficiently testosterone-crazed to participate in such an endeavor.
Caterina said…
Hang ten! Cowanbunga! I have no idea what it is surfers say, hahaha :)
Anonymous said…
waimea is an interesting place. I was on the north shore in 95 to shoot surfing. We shot Makaha, pipe, haleiwa. And while the surf was great everywhere, Waimea was flat. Apparently it takes a perfect set of conditions to even get waves in Waimea. And it's small. A really narrow bay.

Anonymous said…
I know this Italian guy who was in engineering who quit everythign and moved to Hawaii to live surfing.
Maybe Youngest will enjoy following his blog always full of great shots (including some for K, ahem)
The slide show was pretty amazing.
I'd love to be one of the crowd, chillin' on the beach and watching.
Surfing is one of those things I've never wanted to do. I'm not a water kind of woman....unless I'm in a boat.
Mary said…
Thanks for this - it literally took my breath away..