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I brought Youngest to the orthopedic surgeon today.
His hand had been splinted in the ER and we were told to see the doctor after the swelling went down.
I like this guy, the OS.
I had gone to him about my finger (knowing that, if I went, the finger would be fine - whereAS, if I didn't go, it would be broken and KNOW how that goes) and liked him very much. His partner had put a cast on Middle's hand when HE broke it. (How long ago was THAT? Before I was blogging? WAS there anyTHING before I was blogging?)
So, the OS did a new x-ray and, sure enough, Youngest's hand was still broken.
No surprises soon as he took the splint off and I saw the swelling and bruise, I knew.

Doctor: (in a gentle, soft voice) I'm going to put a cast on that hand.

bb: (feeling a little pleased as she likes broken bones to be protected as they heal) thank you, I think that's a good idea.

Doctor: (to Youngest) Do you have any questions for me?

Youngest: I do. Two questions. Can I have any color cast I want?

Doctor: You can have pink, red, green, blue, white or black...

Youngest: I'd like black, please.
And, my second question is: can you mold the cast around something?

Doctor: Uh, yes. Yes, I could...if you brought something with you that you'd like me to mold it around.

Youngest: I did, actually.

And that, my friends, is how Youngest went home with a black cast fitted perfectly around a PS3 controller.


Crazy Mom Tats! said…

The Stooges will love this!

I hope Youngest will heal up well, and quickly.

PS - my verification word is implog. Is that imploding for frogs?
Lauri said…
That youngest is one smart cookie...
daysgoby said…
Youngest is far too clever. Methinks he's going to give his brothers a run for their money (if he isn't already!)
Anonymous said…
I love that guy of yours.

Laura Jane said…
LMAO here

I'd like to see the older guys get it off him NOW!!!!!

Such vision, such planning, such chutzpah!
Jen said…
Wow, how did he even think of that!
blackbird said…
one note: it is's just that the cast fits perfectly around it.
Jen on the Edge said…
He's a funny one.
irene said…
he's so smart it's not even funny anymore.
hope his hand heals soon. xo
Alice said…
Too funny! Haha
Being the loser I am I am struggling to even visualise this, but man I love his foresight to have taken it with him.
StLmom said…
That kid -- he is brilliant. Impressed.
How wonderful to have such a brilliant doctor...and son!
Anonymous said…
Black molded cast?
I am speechless.
elizabeth said…
Smart son. Wishes for quick healing!
smalltownmom said…
Here's to your son! What a great idea.
lagata said…
You so have to post a photo... that is awesome!
Anonymous said…
Such foresight, such planning! My #2 son, who broke his wrist last year and had a really crappy and incapacitating cast, will be green when I tell him about it.
Anonymous said…
That kiddo is going places.

I think I missed the part about how he broke his hand.

MsCellania said…
Best post of the day!
Youngest, You've got Style.
Sarabeth said…
between that and the earphone post i am gobsmacked. ya never can tell what these brilliant guys will think of next!
Jessi said…
Lmao!! That's just too great.

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