words and pictures

I need distraction.

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It's not that

has lost

I don't want

their minds, a little


but the people over at JCrew seem to have, sort of, lost their minds a little this month. I do...I love all of it - but that last shot is a union suit with a blouse UNDER it and a cardi over it and, well, sheesh, that's a lot of stuff going on is all I'm saying.

K's scooter

Red Scooter Guy's scooter is snuggling up to K's scooter.

on the plane

Italy seems so long ago.

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Our best pal moved to Paris a couple of months ago. I'm feeling the sting of missing him. We had dinner with him almost every Saturday. Now there's a little hole in our weekends.

Fabio's wine kept us company last weekend.

Fabio's Wine

The apples are all gone.

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We suspended the Dead Guy from the tree on the front lawn for Halloween.


He looked pretty good.

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The weather has been beautifully Autumnal.

You'd like it.


eurolush said…
That last photo is haunting.

Don't go toward the light!

PS-I think the only way those layers work is if you're 6 feet tall and 99 lbs...Which I happen to be...coincidence!
Anonymous said…
M'dear. It does seem like ages ago.
I wish I could cheer you up.
Fill that hole in the weekends or that need for distraction.
What can I do?
KPB said…
If you started wearing gold satin poo pants I'm not sure we could still be friends.

I'm just flagging that.
Anonymous said…
Are those middle pants intended as 7/8 length or have they run out of fabric?
Anonymous said…
I could live with the multi-layers if only I could tear my eyes away from the truly horrid crotch of those jeans. Perhaps the rest of the union suit is living there?

Eleanor said…
I just KNEW that Eurolush and Kim would be commenting on this one.

E xxxx
unmitigated me said…
Love the union suit. The pajama pants are dreadful, though. There is an exclusive writer's workshop going on in Positano...http://sirenland.net/
I'm glad I'm not along one the pants. I think satin plus elastic plus elastic plus what color is that??? Should never be put together. EVER.

P.S. - Tell Paris friend if he needs dinnery bar friends I have many! ..Then come visit!
The Coffee Lady said…
Burn the Guy! Burn the Guy!

Oh. You don't do that, do you?

Send him to me, and I will burn him.
Sharon said…
What is that lovely apple-y thing?
blackbird said…
Tarte Tatin!