It's sort of funny, to me, how minutes can feel like hours when waiting for news.
My Favorite And Only Aunt And Uncle are very private and so the information I have about her is very limited and slow in coming.
I have not seen her in a long long time and, though I speak with her every few days, I have not spoken with her in a week or so. It's difficult to not see her, to not know what's happening every day.
Today my mom and I are going to the hospital - just to be there - perhaps there will be better news.

On other fronts: bloggers are visiting! Poppy and Wendy will each be in town before the end of November. At two different times! I predict dinners out!

I am in the thick of planning the holiday office party. Yes, the holidays are just around the corner.

My boys are well. Well, kind of - one of Youngest's doctors is suggesting that Youngest might be slightly better off were he not taking quite so much medication. This will prove to be a difficult field to navigate - BUT I'm ready to try.

We are being offered a healthy discount on a Volkswagen.
True, we are functioning well with only one, car but that car must be returned in 18 short months and I might like a Volkswagen by then. Much research to be done. I'm considering a wagon - thoughts?

Youngest was feeling very vulnerable the other night when a grown-up told him that we each only have two weeks in Rome. It was a metaphor, this two weeks in Rome business. The man explained to Youngest that he was an agnostic - an Indian agnostic (which we felt was somewhat remarkable).
We have so little time here, you see, he said to my boy, and before you know it you will be as much as a piece of paper thrown in the trash (actually, he said something much more dramatic and graphic than that) and you must realize this and do all the things you want to's like being in Rome for only two weeks, this life - and you must make the most of it.
Youngest was especially moved by this information.
Two weeks in Rome....

Make the most of it.

I thank you for your kind words and prayers regarding my aunt.


Anonymous said…
Dear bb,

We? Are a Volkswagen family. I've got my dream car in the way of a 2008 platinum grey VW Beetle and my J. has got himself a 2009 platinum grey diesel Jetta. His gets 1,100km a tank and has THE COOLEST red pilot light, but mine? Has a flower holder.

I vote yes for you on the VW wagon.

Thinking of you...

RW said…
We too, are considering the volkswagon.
ssheers said…
Which of your boys has the longest legs? Take him car shopping with you. Make sure his legs fit where you think he will be sitting.

I hope things get better with your aunt.
(My husband has worked for VW and dealers for almost 20 years)
If you have any specific questions, shoot me an email.
Amy A. said…
A wagon is great! Especially for all the equipment you lug.

If I lived my life like two weeks in Rome, I believe I would make a huge mess of things. I'm much better off thinking that there is something else after this, and what we do here in Rome counts.

Thinking of your aunt.
Anonymous said…
Best to your aunt, and your entire family.
VW - I have never driven one I didn't like.
We have been surviving well with fewer cars. Two of us use scooters almost exclusively and they rock!
Anonymous said…
Still thinking about and praying for your FAOA.
VW: I am not a big fan of BUT eveyroen swears by them
Loretta said…
Our Honda lease was just up and it was a toss up between a VW or a Mini for me. I ended up with the Mini Clubman because I needed more rooms for the pooches. But everytime I see a red convertible VW, I feel a little pang!
robiewankenobie said…
i'm not fond of the waiting and the medical stuffs, but i'm in the forest, so i'm just floating in the process of it all. it is much easier to BE THERE physically, even if it is to sit and do nothing.

yea! holiday parties! visits from the bloggers of awesome!

ooh, that med adjustment thing can be hairy, eh?

i tried a number of volkswagons in car hunt 2006™. they all seemed to have their faults, and the repair record is notsogreat if you get an ornery one. that being said, if you luck into a gem, they will last forever. it's the crapshoot that makes it difficult.

i vote hyundai. i hadn't considered one, but when i drove it? love at first site. andlemmiejusttellyou...when i had the awful car accident of 2008™? the entire front end of my car was smashed into bits, but the interior was pristine. so i went out and snatched the exact same car. the newbie and i are good and true friends.
Anonymous said…
Thumbs up on the VW -- i've had a manual Passat wagon since 2002, no trouble despite several 15 yr olds using it for stickshift training :) Good gas mileage and comfortable [eons ahead of my 74 Karmann Ghia, while dropdead cute, heat-free...] mnr_t
Badger said…
Dude. We are going through the same thing with my grandma. I am thinking of you and your aunt.

And ignoring all mention of CAR SHOPPING.
islaygirl said…
i miss my VW every day, but my Subaru is so utterly reliable, i love her too.

And sending prayers and thoughts for your aunt.
Anonymous said…
When I read your "two weeks in Rome" observations this morning, I had no idea how it would resonate with me 12 hours later. I found out my cousin, a mere ten years older than I, died suddenly yesterday, leaving a daughter the same age as my youngest. I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock.

Yep, you can believe I'll wake with new eyes tomorrow. And I think I *will* take my two little boys to that silly monster truck show this weekend.

(hugs for you and your aunt), and good luck w/ all things cars. We are Subaru peeps.

Anonymous said…
I too am a Subaru peeps. I <3 the Forester (have you ever tried one?) very much, but shoot, VWs are cool too. My high school boyfriend drove a Karman Ghia (sp?) and it was tons of fun. In fact, now that I think of it, my boyfriend before him drove a Rabbit. And then my college boyfriend drove an old Beetle. OMG--my husband drove a VW Camper van when we first were together!! Huh. I must be a VW person too.

On a more somber note, my aunt's niece, who is one of my Most Favorite People in the World, just lost her mother. I am grieving with her, and I can't stop thinking that one day I may have to experience that loss too. It's difficult to fathom.

Hang in there bb. I will be thinking about you and your family.


PS) My sister drives a Passat. What the heck?!
Julia said…
Thinking about you and sending all the best thoughts.

We have a VW Passat wagon and I very much love it, except sometimes on very narrow twisty European roads when I wish it were a bit shorter. But it drives very well and VWs know how to turn on pins.
Mary said…
We are all holding you and your Aunt in our thoughts !

I, perhaps boringly, went for the Volvo wagon V50 - and I love it!
Duyvken said…
Two weeks in Rome....
that's wonderful.
Duyvken said…
I am thinking of you as you wait for news of your aunt. I hope that the news is good. And I understand the difficulties of family who don't share much information. My dad was the same and it drove us batty, no matter how unwell he was he always claimed to be 'wonderful' whenever anyone enquired. So I hope you can glean more information tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you and your Very Favorite and Only Aunt. <3
haus said…
I love my wagon, will probably drive a wagon now forevermore.

hope your aunt is doing better, or that you at least know more about what's happening
Poppy B. said…
I love my Passat wagon, but I'm concerned about headroom for K and room to lug three boys and a husband. Maybe the Tuareg?