I ate four fajitas tonight. Blergh.
I followed up with a handful of SweetTarts. Heaven help me.
My FAOA called me today! She has not had the strength to do that in a long time and I am so grateful. She is doing slightly better and we couldn't be more thrilled.
We are now planning another secret mission as I have thought of some things to leave on her doorstep.
A decision has been made regarding our office holiday party!
It's going to be held at an unusual yet wonderful location and, as soon as we divulge this location to our co-workers, I will write about it. Suffice to say: the food will be divine and the setting unique.
K has been avidly watching the re-make of The Prisoner series each evening. Not only do I not "get" it but I don't like it. Never mind - he loves it, which makes me smile.
In other news...
Oldest has been very busy and I've barely seen him over the past few weeks (not that one minds saying that about a grown-up child), Middle is just as busy between work and school (he pitched in and DP'd for a classmate last weekend) and Youngest is finding his path in school (which would seem to be leaning toward industrial/commercial design).
While it was interesting having younger children, having adult(ish)children and watching them make daily decisions about their adult(ish)lives is somewhat fascinating.

Next week we will make Thanksgiving for my mom.
We would be traveling to my FAOA's house but she needs more time to recover.
I do wish we had someone we could invite, though. It is in my family's nature to have someone for Thanksgiving who has nowhere to be - not a stranger, necessarily, but someone we know who can't afford to go home for the holiday, someone we know whose children are too far away, someone who has just gotten divorced - but no one like this has made themselves known to us.
Except, just as I write this, I realize - my mom is always with her sister on Thanksgiving and, this year, it's just not possible.
So, I see now, my mom is our special guest.

Thanks for helping me work that out.
I promise to take pictures.


Poppy B. said…
You should have invited us. Now we have to go to Rhode Island. Pout.
Badger said…
YAY about your aunt!!

And I like my kids more the older they get. I mean, I've always LOVED them, but they are cool PEOPLE now, you know? People I am proud to know. I know YOU know.
RW said…
Yes. As much as I am challenged more than ever as a parent, I am enjoying hanging out with my son and daughter.

Very good news about your FAOA!
Anonymous said…
I love listening to and talking with my boys, too. I'm glad your aunt is doing a bit better!

That last bit worked out nicely, didn't it?

Anonymous said…
I can't wait to get to that stage with my noodle son.
Horray for your FAOA!
You could have obviously invited me for Thanksgiving! Far away from home (because you know I consider Tuvalu my home), in the middle of a divorce (Fabio refuses to fly and THIS is serious grounds for a divorce), generally SAD for missing the turkey ... who, pray telll, is more entitled than ME!
Mary said…
Paola makes me laugh - I do wish she would blog !

Lovely news on your aunt.

And I am so enjoying watching my oldest boy , aged 13 and a half - beginning his journey into young manhood.
Anonymous said…
Good to hear your aunt is doing better.
It's so easy to overindulge on Mexican food.
Fiber Floozie said…
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get it and doesn't like it. My husbands hook as well. Good thing there's another TV in my weaving room.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear about the party and its locale. Don't forget to divulge.

I wish my family were stranded in Tuvalu and able to be taken in. Alas!