I know.
Don’t worry though – things are steaming along.
Let’s see, we can all put our collective thoughts together as my FAOA goes for her final treatment today. We hope she will weather it a little more easily than the last one and we can celebrate that it IS her last one.

I’m busy at work right now. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but my boss is only in the office three days a week this fall and this has made things a little hectic. Someone told me today that I have two jobs – one to manage his life and the other to interact with everyone here. It’s difficult to explain but very true.

Anyway – I hadn’t meant to talk about my job – I meant to talk about:

Jobs I Could Do
(sometimes, whilst commuting, I ponder other employment)

Subway Motorman – I could do this. They are responsible for opening and closing the doors of the train. The problem for me would be my inability to, ruthlessly, close the doors when I could SEE people rushing through the turnstiles.

Café Counterperson – definitely. I could remember the orders of the regulars easily. Tough on the feet though.

Conductor – as in: the person who takes the tickets on the commuter rail line. K says I couldn’t do it. Too many hours on my feet. But I would like it! I would make the announcements (Please take your newspapers with you when you leave the train!) and have a special way of saying: ALL TICKETS PLEASE as I entered each car.

This last job –WHICH I TOTALLY COULD DO – reminds me: across the aisle from us this morning, a woman was cracking up, quietly and politely, over something she was listening to on her iPod. It was a lovely thing to watch. And then, I took the subway downtown instead of walking. I’ve been walking for months but needed to run an errand past my office. So there I was with all the parents and kids going to school. I had forgotten about that crowd – I like them. There was a group of teenage girls standing near me sassing each other. It was adorable to watch while they teased and made fun – all good spirited and only amongst themselves. I caught myself smiling and then noticed the grown-up lady standing next to me was smiling too. We had a little moment where we both remembered and understood how wonderful it is to be a 15 year old girl on your way to school with your friends.

When I got out of the station everywhere I went there were tiny boys and their dads. Buying bagels, walking to school, running across the street – having breakfast. Everywhere I went. I have forgotten how tiny boys can be – how small my boys were. By the time I got to my café, my favorite tiny boy and his mother were making their way up the street. The café owner (a beautiful French woman I’ve mentioned) was sitting having coffee at the window and I pointed him out. He walks with his mom everyday. He is adorable and jabbers the whole way up the block. She holds his hand and walks slowly in her high heels while he stops to look at things or play with his umbrella or stomp in puddles. I can see how patient she is. Today he was pulling a suitcase and seemed a little proud. The French lady and I marveled at how quickly the time passes. She has met Youngest and has a knack for remembering her customers.
I would do that too. Add café owner to my list.


Anonymous said…
I think cafe owner would be the PERFECT job for you. Do you like to get up very, very early? Yours could be a cafe that specializes in breakfasts and coffees and lunches and closes at 2 every day.
Amy A. said…
You paint a pretty picture, bb.
ree said…
I would so totally come visit your cafe.
Anonymous said…
You totally changed your font.

Cafe owner sounds good. Except where is my accent aigu?

Caterina said…
Why is it some of your writing makes me tear up? *sniffle* But in a good way :)

I love the little boy and mom story, for obvious reasons. But the 15 year olds took me back.

Duyvken said…
Little boys are adorable. How'd I'd love to have another!
Anonymous said…
See. I REALLY love your boy/parent/teenagers story but, whenever you mention MY city, the one I ADORE more than ANYTHING in the world, tha's when I crack up. And you describe it so I can SEE it, BE there, SMELL things, SEE YOU.
Anonymous said…
I think your cafe would be very popular. An excellent choice for plan B.

KPB said…
Oh how I adore how you find joy in the every day.

A very dear friend from school came over today and Grover was in fine mettle. Bouncing around the house and running here and there, babbling away and doing poos on the back verandah as he is currently want to do.

Jasper painted his first 'proper' painting at kindy today and came home singing a song they'd learnt - both firsts. (Aside: Isn't it funny how in the last fortnight the kindy has been paying attention to him and suddenly we're getting artworks and songs and chatting about what he did at kindy.) He made me and Oscar go outside, hold hands and sing this song with him.

All the boys played out on the trampoline tonight, laughing and rumbling and being boys.

Little boys are delicious.
Anonymous said…
Hey bb,

Something's up with your FONT.

All of a sudden, you are Times New Roman.

It just doesn't "feel" like you in Times New Roman.

Anonymous said…
And - after getting over the font thing; I think you SHOULD get yourself a cafe.

The Universe loves nothing more than when you tell it you know what you're going to do - and that you're going for it.

Cafe Blackbird.

Save me a spot by the window.

blackbird said…
Herewith, I explain the font: I wrote the post in WORD (which I hate) and copied it into Blogger.