Holiday party venue? SET.
Well, the contract isn't signed, but we settled on a place and I'm very excited. I *might* even take pictures as it is a very interesting location and I think you'd enjoy seeing it.

Meanwhile, on Survivor - gosh it's a pretty place. A place I will never visit - but lovely non-the-less. Russell is searching for the idol while the team sleep.
Laura is an evil demon, Shambo tells us.
She confides in John re Laura. Will he vote her out? He knows Shambo has flipped but says he won't betray her.

There's a challenge and we are only 8 minutes in.
Two teams pull a person in a hanging cradle whilst he/she gathers 15 flags.
The winners fly to a neighboring island for a picnic.
The winners also get to bring a cell phone to take pictures. (ho hum)
There's a yellow team and a purple team.
John is playing for purple and Natalie for yell0w.
It's close - the teams must pull the cradles in mid-air to the flags.
One could get a little dizzy watching - lots of swaying in dipping.
Natalie is hanging by a thread!
It's very exciting to watch...and Natalie wins for her team!
She and Laura and Russell and Dave and I DON'T KNOW THE LAST PERSON get the reward.
14 minutes in and the action has started.

The winners fly off on a little plane to do some product placement. Shall I say PALM PRE? Shall I mention that their commercials are a little freaky looking?
Would we really think potato chips, hot dogs and pie are that amazing? Waffles? Worth writing home about?

Back at camp, Jaison is talking about making deals for votes...with Laura and John (?). We can't tell who that guy is. We might have known earlier - wait - they are talking about John so it can't be John they are talking to. Mick? Maybe it's Mick.

On the Palm Pre? A clue about the Immunity Idol!
Russell is psyched...they watch a video with an additional clue re the location of the Idol.

The winners return to camp and start looking for the idol immediately. Russell and Dave look together...they lie and say they are going for a jog...and DAMN if Russell doesn't find it. I MEAN, RUSSELL FINDS IT.
And here, as others have suggested in my comments, I have to say: though I don't like him, Russell is an awfully good player, isn't he?
He may be ruthless and manipulating and maniacal but he IS outplaying all of them. I can imagine him winning save for the fact that he must be universally hated and it is possible that the jury won't let him win in the end. But this is just the kind of thing, the kind of twist in the game that make this show, in my opinion, worth watching. I detest Russell, and yet, he's an extraordinary player and I can see him winning - though I don't want him too. You can bet I'll keep watching to see how it all plays out.

No time for me to think! It's, obviously, time to BREAK THE TILES.
In the first part of the challenge, players break the tiles by throwing a rock. They win spears. Then they throw spears at a target, for immunity.
One throw.
It's not easy. Only Jaison hits one. Dave breaks one tile for Monica.
Mick breaks one.
Brett breaks one.
He advances.
With the spears -
Jaison is out.
Monica is out.
Mick makes a great shot.
Brett hits but it's low.
So, Mick wins immunity.
K points out that we haven't SEEN Mick for the entire show but he's just won immunity.

But, now, I'm wondering - there's 30 minutes left in the episode and we're ready to go to Tribal?
Shambo is edited as the bitch of this episode - so who's going home?

Shambo makes it clear that she is voting for Laura.
Russell knows that Shambo is voting for Laura.
The Rocket Scientist tells us what idiots the team are.
Everyone is talkingtalkingtalking. John? Whispers...Laura? Monica? I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.
Monica is going to tell the former Foa Foas that she is voting for John - they will vote for Natalie and Laura will go home? WHAT?
It's too convoluted.
Russell: it's gonna be a tallllllmmmmm. (No clue what this means.)
Okay, so, they vote for John so Laura goes home?
They vote for Natalie so someone else goes home?
Russell tells John that they are being swindled and they should just vote for Laura.
John explains the rules for a tied vote. I'm not sure I understand that either.
John is hoping the vote will tie. Twice.
Sheesh - I can't see this happening.

At Tribal, two members of the jury arrive. I have no idea who they are.
Jeff talks about Shambo causing a tied vote. A tied vote will lead to drawing stones to see who goes - and who would be comfortable with that? Jeff asks.

They vote.
Jeff gets the votes.
Russell does not play the Immunity Idol.
Jeff reads the votes.
Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie
They must vote again.
Laura and Natalie don't vote.
The team can only vote for Laura or Natalie.
They vote.
Jeff reads the votes.
Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie - Laura - Natalie - Laura - LAURA.
Dave looks a little shocked.
Monica looks like she switched her vote.

Head back to camp.

Got all that? I *think* I do.

I don't know if there's a real episode next week - fear not...I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said…
This party venue is intriguing me ...
Grandma Cebe said…
I'm really liking Russell's game (and his blue eyes). His ability to find the immunity idol is uncanny. Either that, or he's getting a note slipped to him telling him where the idol is.

I know who Mick is, but who the heck is Brett? I honestly think that I've never seen him until last night.
Anonymous said…
There's a Brett? Funny. We were wondering who he was too.

I thought that episode rocked. Russell is amazing. John is starting to grow on me. And I'm glad Laura is out.

Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure it was John who switched his vote. He did say he wouldn't stand in the way of a punch (coming towards Laura), and he wouldn't be willing to draw stones or whatever they do, and chance going home himself.

Anonymous said…
Yes, It was John who switched.

MaggieO said…
I'm actually starting to want Russell to I going to hell for that?

I'm glad Mick finally won something, poor guy.