I'm eating my stuffed pepper!
Middle will fill you in:

Oh boy... here we go. First time I've watched in a while.

Some crazy over the top obstacle course, as per usual. This guy is wearing a shirt from 1991. This is way too confusing for me. Someone is choosing teams for something? Were those balloons? RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING RUNNING. Oh, no some kind of big kebabs. His name is Jay-san? I'm pretty sure it's just Jason. What is the point of this... Shambo? Rambo? Oh no, gotta go, to the bathroom. Jesus it's an abacus ? What is this?! A clock? WHATEVER IT IS IT ISN'T A 3! Is this going to spell something? Why is she blind folded? What the heck? 'Please dear god?' what? This is beyond confusing. Nice ass shot. Purple wins! what happened to the hackawakatakatwanna tribe? Wasn't that their name? Jeff has 'nothin for ya.' The other team 'Have a good afternoon.'

Okay. Pepper eaten and enjoyed, I'm back. Nice stream of consciousness from Middle, eh? Right now it's all about water.
Rushing water!
Sliding on rocks. Oh, it's Eden.
There's chicken too.
There's donuts and sandwiches and beverages.
Middle is jaded and leaves.
The "real prize" is the secret to immunity - another idol at camp, they learn. They decide to keep the information to themselves.
Shambo tries to protect Russell but the other women try to convince her that he's conniving.

Back at camp, Russell vows to find the idol and keep it to himself. He starts searching but it could be anywhere. Sure enough, he finds it! Damn it to HELL.

Interestingly, Russell confesses his find to Shambo.
They are best buddies now.
She trusts him impeccably - but will he turn on her? She tells him that they are going to vote for him and he should play the idol and then Laura will go. They get to talking about who should go and I'm a little confused but there's not time for that - it's time for another challenge.

For singular immunity the players will use a hook to retrieve puzzle pieces and solve it. Only three will move to the second phase of the trial. A one in ten shot for a million dollars.
Shambo moves into the lead with Mick and Kelly (who are they?).
Mick has a second bag...Jaison gets one bag of pieces, so does Laura. Russell gets one. Shambo moves on. But so does Laura and Russell loses his.
Laura, Mick and Shambo move to the final round.
It's very exciting.
The puzzle is not easy - not that I can describe it. Oh, the pressure of writing and watching!
Laura is doing very well.
She wins individual immunity.
Someone is going home.
Will they vote Russell? Will he play the idol? Who will go if he does?

Shambo's heart is broken because Laura won but she has a plan B and says they'll vote for Kelly.
Meanwhile Russell tells Jaison about the idol, who tells him he deserves it. Russell tells Jaison to vote Kelly and Jaison agrees.
But Jaison tells the others about the idol - then Russell comes over and tells them to vote Kelly.
Now everyone knows he has the idol. Kevin Spacey doesn't believe Russell has it.
Russell overhears them saying they will vote Natalie and tells Jaison.
I get it now - they are trying to convince Russell they aren't voting for him so he doesn't play the idol and GETS VOTED OUT.
Whew. It's been a long week, folks.

At Tribal Council the team meet Eric, the first Jury member.
They talk about how Eric got voted out.
There's lots of talk about whether the team is one or divided by original tribe lines.
K argues that Dave is Mick Fleetwood and not Kevin Spacey.
We are anxious for the vote.
Laura is immune.
Who will they vote for?
Will Russell play the idol?
The music is intense as they write their votes.
Lots of camera attention on Russell.
Jeff gets the votes ---this is dragging...anyone want to play the idol? Russell stands and plays it.
Russell gets a million votes that don't count.
Kelly gets three and goes to the Jury.

Laura whispers: he just stirred up a lot of hell is what he did.
The immunity idol goes BACK INTO PLAY.

Damn. It's a good show.


Anonymous said…
It's Friday. But although I don't know anything about Survivor, I was able to enjoy Middle's commenting.
Stuffed pepper? We only eat that in summer over here!
jen said…
You have redeemed yourself this week, Survivor. Well played.

Seriously, 'Bird, how do you not love Bad Russell even a little bit right now? His social game is for shit, but his scheming? His scheming renews my faith in reality television.
Grandma Cebe said…
If the vote for winner was today, hands down, it would have to be Russell. He's out witting and out playing all of them. I'm actually starting to like him just for his game skills.
Island Mom said…
I would describe the challenge as Perfection without the exploding board! Well played by Laura. I must also admit Bad Russell is growing on me... how did that happen?
Anonymous said…
Is it possible to have impeccable trust in someone? All ironed out and spiffed up trust? : ) Oh Shambo.

While we were watching, my sister murmured under her breath that she is finding herself oddly attracted to Russell. I almost spit out my "All Natural" Cheetos, it was so unexpected. And awesome. His game is growing on me too.

ThirdCat said…
Thank goodness for you, blackbird - we had a houseful of visitors, so I couldn't watch last night (well, not without seeming extraodinarily rude). WHy does Russell keep telling people he's got the idol? That seems dumb to me.
Anonymous said…
Yup, can't stand him either, but got to admire that game. It was, as Jen says, well played.