Sunday, anticipating guests

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I cleaned house.

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I'm not good with flowers.

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Wendy made those eggs for me.

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The fireplace needs sweeping out.

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I dusted the bar and the bench.


K made Beef Bourguignon.

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The dog had the usual.


eurolush said…
The house looks mah-velous, dahlink. Faboo.

Your dog lies on the floor just like Tex...those meaty, drumstick legs kill me.
Badger said…
There's a story behind that boater, I'll bet.
Miz S said…
I like the green tray. Hey. What's the thing on the tray that is to the right of the hourglass and directly behind the candle?
Anonymous said…
Pray tell, what shade of grey is that on your walls? I like.

Everything looks lovely and with a quiet purpose, like yourself.

blackbird said…

The living room is Partridge Rock Brown from Martha Stewart's Fine Paints of Europe line. It's oil - as is the dining room color, which is called Sargent's Trail.
RW said…
dinner with guests is a lovely thing.
KPB said…
Wow. That's a really big rolling pin.
ree said…
AND! You made an orange pyramid!
Anonymous said…
Dear bb,

You did a lovely job cleaning your house. If you are available to help me with mine, I would most appreciate it.

I find myself to be very interested to know what the name of your dog is...

Anonymous said…
I appreciate your efforts in cleaning and fixing everything. But next time I am there I am going to the basement. You are warned.
Who need flowers? I love the vase of leaves.
blackbird said…
Anonymous said…
tee hee heee heee ...
Anonymous said…
Looks very inviting--even the fireplace which shows USE instead of pristine museum-quality perfection which I never find inviting.
Caterina said…
Love it all. Especially the dog :)
Anonymous said…
It all looks lovely. It's a treat to see your things and how they are arranged.

I'm particularly liking that bar.

Anonymous said…
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