Sometimes I do miss watching Ellen -

Sometimes I miss sitting on the couch folding laundry -

laundry sat

I do really miss waking up in the morning feeling aimless...


on the other hand,


my life is bigger in a way that thrills me.


I need to set my DVR so I don't miss any episodes of Ellen.

LOVE the laundry picture. Your sock-sorting must take forever!
Anonymous said…
I go back to work on Monday, so this post is resonating with me.

I'm glad you are working outside the home--and enjoying it to boot. It does make your life bigger. You have both lives now. Home and away.

Anonymous said…
I decided to stay at home when I got married. It lasted 2 years, got a kind of depression, gained a ton. Then I got pregnant! More weight, newborn drama. When Brizio hit 2 I went back to work and THAT was the best thing I did in my entire life (for myself). I believe staying at home kills me. Plus I found the PERFECT job for me.
I am lucky.
And so are you, dear birdie.
alice c said…
Sometimes I miss the days when I had the time to read archive posts of Say La Vee.
Duyvken said…
I really should make time to watch Ellen. I never have the tv on during the day but the time will come I wish I could!
RW said…
I am working towards that balance right now. I feel that the best of my days are spent working for someone else. I need to find away that I have enough for me and my family and my job.
Eleanor said…
To every thing there is a season.

Caterina said…
The thrills, gotta love 'em :)
Anonymous said…
Change makes everything more special. The old and the new.
And on your sick days, you can enjoy the old, right?