Saturday night

K is watching The Chronicles Of Riddick.
K loves sci-fi and sometimes I'll sit through it.
But, oh, the costumes and the acting and the plot lines.
I can barely stand it all. Tortured men and women, tribes, beasts, oh, the costumes.
There's always a woman with a heaving bosom.
My talents are wasted, I tell K, with a pleading tone in my voice.
I could do that - wear that corset and heave my bosom like that! I AM WASTING MY TIME AS AN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, I TELL YOU.
And it's true.
I was really born to be a model/actress/runway model. I'm sure of it.


Crazy Mom! said…
Not short. Height challenged.
Embrace your inner runway model!
Anonymous said…
It's not just me, bb actually likes a little Vin Diesel now and then.

And... I sat through Forget Paris.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for this.
See ... you made me laugh.
And I say you would rock the catwalk with your je ne sai quoi and all around loveliness.

WF hummin
Anonymous said…
I like to look at Vin's body. Is that wrong?

alice c said…
When you are rich and famous you will be able to control the casting so that YOU are the tallest actress in the movie and you can heave to your hearts content.