random/weekend update

I'm all over the place lately, but here you are.
On Saturday we shopped for our Thanksgiving dinner food. I'm still not sure what I'm doing with yams, but I'm doing something.

It's time for us to put together a parcel of gifts for our Japanese friends and Youngest was itching to go to Urban Outfitters, so we went to the mall. He bought A a tabletop ping pong set, a mini camera with preset backgrounds, a 3D memo set and some cute erasers. He had fun picking things out for her and I'll add a couple of things for her mom, my pal C. No matter what we decide to send to Japan we are always outdone - or, maybe it's that all things Japanese are wonderful. C and A manage to find beautiful things, wrap them ingeniously, and send them off easily. Every year - at the kid's birthdays and Christmas, it seems that Youngest and I always want to send presents as heavy as an ANVIL to Tokyo. And, even though it doesn't seem like erasers and a pad weigh much, I'll bet they DO.

K and I did a secret mission run to my FAOA's house early Sunday morning. She was craving some Coke in glass bottles WHICH MY SUPERMARKET HAS! so we dashed out there early to leave a case on her front porch. She's sounding better, slowly, and we are very hopeful that she will continue to improve.
After we got home I made some killer chocolate cookies WHICH ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOSHY INSIDE, ahem, and then, graciously consented to do this:

Scene 4A3-Boomerang2

the last scene of K's Star Wars Uncut movie. Why am I holding a boomerang? Because we like to have the characters in OUR Star Wars movies do something a little kooky from time to time, THAT'S WHY.

Now, see, this -

this would be good in a Star Wars movie! There's nothing like a traditional Austrian Slap Dance!

Giddy? Why, yes, I AM. A little!

Finally - I leave you with this photo -

delusional newspaper photo

this photo which left Middle and I laughing our asses off on the train. I don't know, maybe you would have to have been there, maybe you don't find anything wrong with this picture, but we, Middle and me? This photo cracks us up. And yeah, no, we don't know a THING about the Twilight movies. We just know that that wolf is too big and those people are too small and the lighting is freaky and...I don't know...we laughed a lot, on the train, early Friday morning, over this picture in the paper.

I hope your week is easy. I'm working on getting together with Ms. Poppy.

I'll talk to you later.


eurolush said…
The Austrian slap dance video reminds me of the scene from European Vacation with Chevy Chase. Classic.

That photo of you in the storm trooper costume with the green screen? Also a classic.
Anonymous said…
I simply love you.
Also, you need to cut your Sweettarts intake. They seem to have put you in a kind of electric gear ...
Not a Twilight fan? That makes 3 of us. But so you all know, it KILLED even in Italy where it draw in loads of millions over the weekend!
Rae said…
BB, Chinua and I love to laugh about Twilight too- and though we read the books (WE DID! Our reading material sometimes gets sparse over here!) we have no desire to see the movies. None! None at all!

This makes us laugh and laugh from the books- descriptions of black vampires like this: "They were black, but with a pallor, dark but pale..." What? Were they black, or pale? They can't be both! anyways.
Anonymous said…
That's YOU as the Stormtrooper? I knew you rocked. And now we have photographic proof.
So cool about the Coke in glass bottles for the aunt. I bet she was thrilled.
blackbird said…
It's me!
And yep, she was pretty thrilled.
Anonymous said…
Only the Very Cool People have their own green screen. But you knew that.

All through the Austrian dance video I kept thinking of Monty Python's fish-slapping dance. Perhaps you could combine them in your Star Wars movie...
Amy A. said…
The wolf is too big because he is a werewolf. And the movie was not good. Took my girl and almost slept. I did like the books, though. A little guilty pleasure. :) A nice little something to share with a teenager in your life.

You are a most bosomy storm trooper. :)
Caterina said…
I know NOTHING about all that wolf/vampire books/movie stuff. Bluh :P

You look really fit and in-shape in that Star Wars shot.

Happy to hear about your FAOA. (Coke in glass bottles is dabomb!)
HA! That is the coolest. stormtrooper costume EVER. LOVE.

Hey! btw I gave you a virtual award. Cause I think your fab. :) Head over to my blog and check it out!
halloweenlover said…
Hey!!! Don't be making fun of the Twilight saga! That is a werewolf, so it is very large. The lighting is all weird, I don't know why. I enjoyed the movie- although it probably has more to do with an outing with just the girls and time away from the kiddos.

Love the costume.
RW said…
I LOVE the fact that you are a storm trooper.
Eleanor said…
You'd laugh even more if you knew that THAT huge wolf is actually THAT girl's male friend who's jealous of her vampire boyfriend whom she loves more than him.

And I love the way people who have read the books or seen the films feel the need to excuse themselves for having done so in your commentboxes. A bit like a confessional?
Anonymous said…
What a good sport you are, bb. I loved this post.

Mary said…
Of course the photo of stormtrooper you holding a boomerang !!!!! holding a boomerang absolutely cracked me up..
Crazy Mom! said…
I love you as a stormtrooper - too funny!