one of those weekends

We're doing a lot of sitting around.
There's great food in the fridge and we're sitting around (oh, I did some laundry) and I've just realized that it's one of those weekends.

We've had chips and dip and we're snuggled up on the couch and we've watched Forget Paris and an incredibly stupid movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and I just know, I JUST KNOW that Love Actually is going to be on sometime this weekend along with You've Got Mail and OH, Sleepless in Seattle is on the other channel right this minute.

And the boys are hunkered down and it's windy out and K is heating up leftovers and we are debating the merits of toast under a Turkey Warm-Up vs smooshy supermarket bread.
And what's on television right now? Right after K makes a joke about using crushed potato chips as a pie crust? Just as the wind picks up and I notice the trees have no leaves? Just as a tiny grumble reminds me that I'm just about ready for more turkey and stuffing and gravy?

People, it's one of those weekends, and it couldn't be much better.


Vodka Mom said…
Just finished watching SLEEPLESS, and will now don the nightie that has become my second skin.

ah sweet laziness.......
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that it's Love Actually season! And Michael Clayton is an amazing movie. My goodness, the ending just about sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

Our weekend here sounds like it's as cozy, silly and yummy as yours. Happy TG weekend, bb.


Anonymous said…
Must request Love Actually from the library. I love that movie. Your weekend sounds wonderful.
Anonymous said…
GOD how I wish I could munch on some leftovers.
Everybody has some in the fridge and I can't enjoy any ...
Oh well, I'll look for one of these movies too but I don't think I'll be lucky to find any.
I need a cheer up. Someone else very young died here in Positano. It shakes the whole teeny town when something like this happens since we ALL know EVERYONE here. Sorry, didn't mean to sadden you all but people? We must enjoy our life, our friendship, our laughters! All.the.time.
So I'm virtually hugging you lovely women (and men, there are a few I know) and wishing you a lazy, happy, joyous festive weekend.
Mary said…
Your weekend sounds like my idea of bliss.

And hugs to Paola if she comes back to these comments..
RW said…
Glad to hear that you are enjoying the entire weekend - movies and left overs such just about right.

And I too, will say to Paola - I am sad to hear your news - we have just long a young man from our lives - it is very sad and does make you re-think your priorities.
Lover Lady said…
LOVE those weekends.
MsCellania said…
Aw, Paola, I'm so sorry for this.

It's going to be tough watching the Liam Neeson parts of Love Actually.

wv is too silly to reproduce. It's exactly how I feel today.
I find it hard to believe that you don't own Love Actually on DVD.