not blogging Survivor

I'm taking a time out...and hey, I've got an idea - why don't you tell me, in the comments, what happened on Survivor last night?


Badger said…
Don't look at me, I stopped watching weeks ago. Worst. Season. EVER.
Priscilla said…
Best season evah! Best! That Bad Russel is keeping things interesting. So, there's a merge, we knew it was coming. Foa Foa is scrambling to save their heads, Russel is scrambling harder than everyone. He still thinks he's got it all going on. Shows EVERYONE he's got an idol. Because he's a duffus. Then at the tribal he pulls out the idol and plays it! Whoa! And his name isn't written even once! ha ha

The votes are divided between Jaison and Erik. Erik the one with the idol Erik. And Erik goes home.

Erik has no clue he's going. Each vote is a new expression of surprise on his face. Hilarious! I had no clue, was he annoying? I don't remember him being annoying. Maybe he's strong. Maybe I missed something.

We have a pretty sneaky allience, they totally blindsided Erik AND they got rid of both idols. Right on!

I think Bad Russel just lost his game. He'd a had a better chance if he kept his tribe strong and larger. And he hasn't burned socks in a long time, I'm kinda looking forward to some naughtiness next time.

I like it better when you do it.

Also, I had to miss last weeks show so I knew I could find out what was going on here. Thanks for that!
Grandma Cebe said…
Good recap, Priscilla.

Yea, bad Russell is scrambling now. He better win immunity next time, or I think he's out of there.

What was brilliant about the Erik blindside is that it was orchestrated by the underdogs, Foa Foa.

This game just got a little more interesting.
Amy A. said…
I love the blind side. I always wonder what my face would look like if I was blind-sided on the show. I would probably cry.
Anonymous said…
Helpless here.
jen said…
I can't tell you what happened because I kept dozing off during it. I'm with Badger; WORST. SEASON. EVER.

Where's the starving? Where's the in-fighting? Where's the anorexic girl saying the lunch lady sucks at life? I need Jonathan! I need Yao-man! Rupert, where for art thou? Bob? Sugar? Anyone? It's like a bunch of temps cast this season or something. Even Probst is bored.

I'll be bereft if something happens to Bad Russel next week - I don't love him, but he's been the only one worth watching.
LynS said…
I miss your Survivor blogging! and I'm not even watching Survivor. It's the idea that you would even consider blogging Survivor that I love. Here in Australia it seems to have disappeared from our screens, or at least from free-to-air screens, and I miss it.
Anonymous said…
I've been reading you for a while but never posted. I got started because I heard you critique Survivor and quite frankly, I like the nonchalant way that you see it.
Eric, for sure got blind-sided and provided some of the best expressions at tribal council. I agree with Jen that if we lose Russell, it might not be worth watching. I too can't stand him, but he is good for the show. Would have liked to hear your take on last nights events on Survivor
Scot said…
Really BIG storm - everybody washed out to sea - nobody survived - shows over!
Aren't you glad you asked?
KPB said…
Survivor Narrabeen
Episode 1,342,563

The school pick up began with Team Younger members Jasper and Grover moaning and wailing and crying at being left behind and clearly viewing this as a case of either abandonment or a play for unfair advantage by Team Older members Oscar and Felix.

In what can only be termed a coup, Jasper caught Judge Mum in a weak moment and managed to score a ride. Through a series of Team Younger code (hmms and waaas) he reassured Grover that by manipulating his way into this ride he would get first-hand insight into just what they were going to miss out on.

In what is virtually an annual event such is its rarity both members of Team Older were ready for pick-up within minutes of the school bell as opposed to the weaker member of the team normally taking 15 minutes to complete the daily challenge of the school room to school gate walk.

What followed was a painfully slow journey to the next suburb due to the Friday afternoon exodus of Mosman financiers, barristers and judges to their beach houses at Palm Beach coinciding with school pick-up.

All teams were weakened by the lack of food in the transport vehicle and voiced their displeasure at this turn of events to Judge Mum who did her best to not use the phrase "shut the fuck up" and "shut it" and "suck it up you pansies" and "quit your jibber jabber".

The promise of the weekly Junk Food Idol went someway to calm both tribes.

Arriving at their destination Team Older's Felix was stoked to be finally getting his pair of Rabens, also known as cheap and nasty shoes perfect for using when riding your scooter as Judge Mum will not care when you trash them as compared to her reign of wrath and terror when 2 pairs of $60+ shoes were destroyed in the process of 'not wanted to damage the back scooter wheel by using the brakes'.

There was a formal protest lodged when Felix realised his team member and their opponent were getting a pair as well because Judge Mum could not be bothered with more wailing, whinging and gnashing of teeth so early in the afternoon.

After procuring three pairs of sweatshop nastiness they were all homeward bound. Such was his relief at the realisation he wasn't going to have missed out on that much at all, Jasper almost fell asleep.

At home it because obvious that in seeking revenge for being left behind Team Younger's Grover was intent on a sustained and systematic campaign of destruction and maximum annoyance of Judge Mum. This included completing ablutions in the cubby house as opposed to the toilet, playing with Judge Mum's Wedgwood vase, dropping a plastic plate repeatedly into the fish tank, climbing onto a kitchen stool and pulling pens out of the pen cup and throwing them on the floor, touching the sewing machine, annoying his fellow team member and those of Team Older, turning on the washing machine, repeatedly, with only one pair of (his) shorts in it, and so on and so forth.

Dinner was enjoyed by Team Older, tolerated by Team Younger's Grover and totally ignored by Jasper.

Oscar took himself off to bed at 6.45pm leaving the campsite in a state of greatly improved silence. His team mate did his best to gain the upperhand over Team Younger AND Judge Mum by making everyone endure Batman Returns only to be totally trumped by the airing of A Bug's Life.

Grover admitted defeat in the face of no day sleep at around 7.40pm and Jasper retired at the conclusion of the movie at around 8.10pm.

Felix's plan to stay up nice and late was totally foiled by the appearance of Producer Grandmama who made him go to bed. In an Grammy-worthy performance of protestation he harrumphed off to his quarters.

Judge Mum stayed up much later than she should have working on the back of a quilt, finally retiring around midnight.

And so, another episode came to a close.
I just voted Kim up above as "Best Blog Comment EVER"