Monday morning

Oof, we kept busy this past weekend.
Dusted, polished, laundered and raked. Not me, the raking.
Anyway, busy. I didn't want to think too much.
Sometime Saturday morning I was shocked to hear MFAOA on the other end of the phone!
Though still worryingly ill, she was stable enough to be sent home from the hospital. I know if she was able to see all of your lovely comments that she would be very touched - as am I.
And now, bolstered by good news, I can face my week more comfortably.
Not that there's anything especially difficult ahead of me this fact, Wendy is coming to town! I won't be seeing her until Friday (so far) and I am very excited. K and I will be dining in with Martha MacGyver and her husband as well as Uncle Monkey and his fiance.
It should be a lovely evening.



Anonymous said…
Good news about YFAOA, finally.
And Wendy on the way.
It's a good week.
RW said…
good news indeed.
Anonymous said…
Glad you had nice news about your aunt.
islaygirl said…
excellent, excellent news. i hope her recovery is smooth and speedy.
Caterina said…
Nice to hear the good stuff.
Anonymous said…
There's no place like home.

So glad to hear about your faoa.

It's nice to have some fun on the horizon.

Mary said…
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