things I like:

red pencils
lip gloss in a tube
gingham ribbon bookmarks
watching people type
bringing my lunch to work - but only if no one at my lunch table has something I think looks better

not so much:

the weather (it should be colder)
canned soup
the American Apparel website

things I saw yesterday:

two men hailing a cab with a dozen wedding dresses in their arms
that tiny boy, on my way to work, who has a cute name
a huge commercial kitchen
a medal for Valor In The Face Of The Enemy

things that are wearing out quickly:

my wide black belt
my favorite book bag
the sheets on our bed
the right front tire on my car

my radio stations on Pandora:

The Killers
Seu Jorge
French Kicks

electronic gifts I might not refuse:

a Blackberry
a new laptop
one of those flat/skinny televisions
a Tivoli Audio NetWorks radio with FM in cherry/gold

problems my car is having:

whatever is wrong with right front tire
a leak within the concealed drip rail system
one out-of-balance wiper
way too much moisture within the passenger compartment

things to be happy about:

my mom is bringing vegetable soup for dinner
we are all well
I found that black skirt I'd lost track of
things are looking up


Anonymous said…
rotate your tires.
Lover Lady said…
where can you get gingham ribbon bookmarks? sounds lovely. and I am making veggie soup this weekend--supposed to be more cold and damp, so perfect soup weather!
NorahS said…
I love lists. Just ask my husband. Yours are especially nice. Sorry about the car troubles.
Anonymous said…
Yeah ... it's 81°F here, right NOW!
Talk about crappy weather ... no wonder everyone's sick here!
I would have loved to see those wedding dresses.
Blackberry? In your home? I wonder why ...
Anonymous said…
A found skirt and vegetable soup almost makes car trouble palatable.
Anonymous said…
Things I like:
reading lists like this.

(Where the heck WAS that skirt?)

Crazy Mom! said…
Sounds like my lists. Glad things are looking up...