it's beginning to look a lot like...

My email box has been jammed lately with all sorts of pretties for Christmas (I can't bear to refer to the season as The Holidays, so I'll be saying Christmas from now on, fyi) I'm thinking of highlighting things I like when I have a moment....AND, today, I'd like to show you eight things I DON'T WANT.

In no particular order - (and, yes, these items were featured in a holiday gift catalogue)

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A Snuggie! A Slanket! A backwards robe for my dog! No, thanks.

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I can't look at this without cracking up. I don't see how this is a gift for anyone and can't imagine it's comfortable in any way. And WHY is it called Kymaro?
Don't spend too much time thinking about it - there's a slew of bad gifts for us to ponder...

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An automatic liquid soap dispenser is a great gift, right?

What about a Neckline Slimmer?

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The picture is actually scarier than the title. Those springs are freaking me out a little.

Is it wrong of me to feel like a microwavable scarf is a creepy combination of not attractive/geriatric?

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Are you like me?
Would you find this lawn ornament anxiety provoking?

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Middle and I spent quite a while discussing the potential uses for this item:

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It's not just for towels...

towel thing

Middle is asking Santa for one. He's going to warm his underwear in it.

But I've saved the best worst gift for last.


There's not a lot I can say.

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Not. Saying. Anything.
It's a great gift. Thoughtful. Useful...with lots of creative possibilities -

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Jen on the Edge said…
The Mangroomer is beyond belief.
Grandma Cebe said…
With the Kymaro and Neckline slimmer, I'd look 20 years younger. Would the pain that is apparently involved in the usage of these items be worth it? Nah.
Anonymous said…
I long for one of those heated towel racks you see in Europe...and I am thankful to have NO need for a mangroomer--for anyone in my house.
I have a friend who puts her kids' towels and pajamas in the dryer so they're warm when they get out of the tub. I cannot believe you don't do this for your sons!
I need the automatic soap dispenser! I always have meatballs or cookie dough or fish skin on my hands. Then I twist myself to try and dispense the soap with my arm.

The hairy dude made me gag a little.
Anonymous said…
I must repeat myself.
Gee, you people scare me sometimes, and I am full of LOVE for you all!
Now please, some lovely stuff. I KNOW you have it saved somewhere for us to go ooooh and aaaaah ...
Lover Lady said…
I don't know...I think my girls both need one of those doggie snuggies. The hubs keeps it pretty cold up in our house.
Lover Lady said…
^Oh, and as a person who loves to cook, I ditto LMSS's comment about the auto soap dispenser. Mine is covered with caked on batter and dried sausage... :)
Anonymous said…
I have never understood back hair. I think people who have it should be REQUIRED to own and use the Mangroomer. Or to wear turtlenecks at all times.

Scot said…
I think you're wrong about the microwavable scarf. The UPS girl who delivers to the shop has one and she swears by it. I'm thinking that if you warm the blood at the neck it migh help warm the entire body, don't really know.
She also has one of those collars she puts in the refridgerator to wear during the summer. Apparently UPS trucks aren't very warm or very cool.
I also think the Kymaro is spelled backwards. Oramyk sounds more descriptive. Kinda like a hammock for your orams. Sorry, I guess I spent too much time thinking about it!
Allison said…
MsCellania said…
That last photo has me thinking he used Le ManGroomer like nunchucks and thoroughly whacked his back about 8 times with it. Awesome, Dude!
Poppy B. said…
But what about Mrs. Mangroomed? Isn't anyone saving any thought for her?

They need to sell special gloves for her to wear so she won't have to feel the stubble on Mr. Mangroomed's back when the hair starts to regrow.
I just had another thought about the Mangroomer.

I could shave my legs without bending over. My back would be really happy.
Eleanor said…
Now I know where my mother-in-law finds my birthday gifts each year.
Unknown said…
Oh, holy hell. No words.

Except w.v. is "henis" which somehow seems oddly appropriate here.
Rita Arens said…
Hi -- can you e-mail me?