it's beginning to look a lot like...

I saw Santa the other day.
He was walking along by the Army/Navy store and he didn't look terribly well.
He was kind of dirty, in fact, as though he'd been sleeping on the sidewalk. But it was definitely him - tall black boots and the red suit with white fur trim and a pillow. No clue where he was headed. Maybe the falafel cart - that cart always smells good.
My email box has been jammed lately with all sorts of pretties for Christmas (I can't bear to refer to the season as The Holidays, so I'll be saying Christmas from now on, fyi) I'm thinking of highlighting things I like when I have a moment.
I got an email from Anthropologie the other day (and you should definitely visit their new site The Anthropologist which is a virtual bottomless pit of interesting reading material, if a little wonky) and there were a number of things which intrigued me...


First and foremost: soap for a year! Who, I ASK YOU, would NOT love soap for a year? Scented, lovely soaps reflecting each month in their, um, scented loveliness! Sign. Me. Up.


A scarf is always a very nice gift. I'm only saying. And, yes, I have a bazillion, but I do wear one EVERY SINGLE DAY.


I can't decide which I like better - though the one on the right fascinates me, I also have my eye on one at Muji.

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Yes? No? Can't decide. Am thinking, now that I've posted them, NO.


Penguin has done a beautiful line of hardbound classics.


These necklaces have solid perfumey stuff in them. The one on the right, which I adore, is lavender and bergamot! In. Love.

Anyway, not a bad bunch of not-too-terribly-extravagant gifts, say I.

K and I had a very cosmopolitan evening with Wendy and Her Husband and His Brother and His Fiance Friday night. We dined at an old-worldy-but-newish restaurant and engaged in wonderful chit chat for a while and then moved on, in a rather romantic soft, misty drizzle to The Plaza. You probably know how I feel about The was fabulous, of course.
So much to see and listen to, and The Fiance nearly had a drunk in her lap (!) and I truly enjoyed some conversat (as we say in Tuvalu) with The Brother, who is a writer and artist.
It was a fine night out.

What's next?
At home - nothing in particular.
At the office? A Decision On The Holiday Party. Hopefully.
You know, I never thought I'd say this but I think I actually am enjoying having some responsibility for the Holiday Party.
Last year, when it was made clear to me that it was within the responsibilities of my job I cringed.
But this year I'm sort of into it.

Who knew?


Jen said…
The necklace on the right looks like the little silver ball of tannis root that Ruth Gordon gives Mia Farrow to wear in Rosemary's Baby.
eurolush said…
Mmmmmmm. Scarves...Antropology....Melikey.

Glad you had a fun night with Wendy et al. I've been visiting her blog lately for sewing inspiration. It's ridiculous how much her thrifting entertains me.
eurolush said…
ANTropology...the careful and deliberate study of Ants.

Meant AntHropology, o'course.

PS-I did give my dad a large tome on ants a few Christmases ago, though, and he seemed to like it very much. So, maybe there's something to it, afterall.
Anonymous said…
Anthropologie ... The Plaza ... !
I need AIR.

PS I hope you remembered to say HI to Wendy, uh?
We had our "Holiday" kick-off meeting at work yesterday.As the resident MOM at work I volunteered to bring a crockpot of meatballs and sauce with rolls for Black Friday.

I'm not surprised that you are a Bergamot fan. If you ever find yourself in Bath and Body Works, try Black is Camellia, Bergamot and Vetiver. My favorite scent.
Anonymous said…
Soap. That's what I'm giving lots of people again this year since there are 3 local soapmakers who do such great work.
Your description of that restaurant made me laugh, but I think I understood the vibe you were going for.