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I checked my stats this evening. They're rising, strangely. I've lost hundreds of readers since I posted advertisements and then again when I began working outside my home. I'd like to say it didn't matter to me either time, but it did. Instead of trying to convince myself it didn't matter I stopped checking the numbers. Anyway, this past week the numbers are up, and someone, in Finland, did a google search and read this post.
The ball of string?
It's in my garden.
I could never sell it.


might I add...? said…
I just wanted to say that, although I don't actually come here to your site much anymore, I do very much still enjoy reading your posts. I just get them in my RSS feed. I don't know if that shows up as a "number" or not, but rest assured, I'm still with you. (Not that I flatter myself that you noticed or care....)

Anyway, I am so busy with work and with my wee one (who is getting bigger all the time), that I really don't write much at all anymore, except a quick comment here or there on the internet when I really can't help myself.

I usually take a quick break and read your posts during my day at work, and I really can't justify taking the time to write responses there, but please know that your posts are often a quick bright pick-me-up.

Thanks, bb. And I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for your FAOAT (not sure I got all the letters right, but you know who I mean). Take care.
RW said…
the numbers thing.
I kind of run blind myself
what application/ program do you use to track your stats.

regardless of any numbers - I am one of your biggest fans.
Eleanor said…
It's the quality of your readership that counts, not the quantity. Ahem.

And that ball of string post!! Classic, vintage bb, reminds me of when I first started reading blogs.
Anonymous said…
Could never forget the string post! So intriguing and creative.
So, enlighten me, you bloggers can tell who is reading what and when? That's interesting!
Eleanor ... sweet Eleanor ...
eurolush said…
For me, looking at my stats takes the joy out of blogging. It's too stressful. I shun them...eyes closed, fingers in ears, singing LALALALALALALA! I'M IGNORING YOU!!!

Keeps me happy and relaxed.

PS-That ball of string was a classic.
OMG the string post. Made me remember all those other quirky posts of yours - the one about the day in the life of the dog which made me snort with laughter, the one where K was moving massive bits of stone for paving, ...

and those of us intelligent enough to know better never stopped reading. Ever.
Frankie said…
I have been reading your blog for months now. I think I might have commented once, not sure though. Either way, yours is a daily stop for me. All I can say is that I love reading all of it! Okay, maybe not the Survivor posts because I don't watch that show, but everything else!

You are fantastic, bb, just fantastic!
Tuli said…
I read every day but in google reader. damn google reader - I don't believe it gives you a page hit unless I use the little add-on thingy that opens your post in my reader. I must be better about using that feature!

Enjoying all your posts! Especially your Notes From the Commute series.
I'm SO glad the ball of string lives on safely.
Anonymous said…
Hmm. I don't think I even noticed you'd added ads. Or if I did, I forgot. Anyway, hooray for the Finns and hooray for the ball of string! (But where is it, exactly? Does it get wet and then frosty and then covered with snow? Is it under a stone bench? I think I am imagining something out of Edward Gorey.)
Caron said…
There are only a few (ok - probably 6 - which is technically more than a few) blogs I bother to check in with anymore. This is always a stop.
Anonymous said…
Ads? I see no ads. But I read you every day that you post, which is very nearly every day (happy thing, that). I too remember the ball of string post. That was when I decided you were mega-cool and quirky.
Duyvken said…
Hey, it's a great post!
Thanks to the Finnish person for prompting you to link to it. I hadn't seen it before.
Julia said…
Funny, I really never noticed the ads either!

I bet Google Reader and its easy link in with Blogger has taken a bite out of the numbers too.

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