bad ideas, the Sunday edition

  • Watching A Night To Remember whilst feeling a little overwhelmed.
  • Tasting the crackers which may have gone stale.
  • Wondering why Youngest made a milkshake on top of the washing machine.
  • Buying the cheap razors.
  • Not tasting the cheese toasts.
  • Putting the pie in the lower oven when it was the upper oven I had preheated.
  • The Revlon lipstick.
  • No Sweettarts.


Anonymous said…
Didn't K buy you a truckload of Sweettarts?
Anonymous said…
Stale crackers are a miserable thing (writes the gal who ate a fistful of stale wheat thins whilst watching mad men last night).
Amy A. said…
I also wonder why youngest made a milkshake on the washing machine. Seems like a post all it's own.
alice c said…
Rimmel lipstick = surprisingly good.
Revlon lipstick = surprisingly bad.
Current passion = Chanel lipstick.
Anonymous said…
Meh. You have my sympathy.

Anonymous said…
hey, looking through my archives...i demand a revisit of show and tell!
MsCellania said…
Aw, I'm very sorry about your Tuesday.
Your Monday sounds like you're at 6's and 7's, and now I see why.
Mary said…
Cheap razors? I do that too and regret as soon as I set razor to underarm.

Thinking of you and your only Aunt...