2,508 posts

I have been writing here for five years.
I have uploaded eight thousand, five hundred forty five photos to Flickr.
This blog has had one million, one hundred thirty three thousand, four hundred eighty three views.
Between fifteen and twenty people click here every hour.
When I started this my children were younger, I was home every day, we had just been apple picking and I failed miserably at making an apple pancake.
Some things never change.

C'est la vie.


I'm so happy that you're still blogging.

Happy Blog Anniversary.
Badger said…
Dude! You were one of my first commenters. Thank you. And happy bloggiversary!
RW said…
5 years.
I am thankful that you are still here.
and that somehow I stumbled upon you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Bb for keeping on going even though failing (this should be proofed uh?).
If it weren't for THAT pic of Youngest on the beach, I wouldn't have met YOU, Badger, Eurolush, Kim, Alice, Paula, Eleanor, Wendy, Poppy, Rae, Coffee Lady, Ali, Tuli, Nie Nie, Joke (hey look! There's a MAN!)OMG the list could go on and on and on.
I have something to learn from each and every one. Everyone makes me laugh, cry, ponder, wish!
Paola, without a blog but blog loving!
alice c said…
And you are still as awesome as you were when you started. I have no idea how you do it day after day after day. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration.
Ali said…
Five years and a million visitors - big numbers, and much still to love in these parts.

Jen on the Edge said…
Happy blog anniversary! Thank you for bringing us so much joy every day.
Unknown said…
Happy Bloggiversary, bb! Congratulations on five years! Here's to the next five and beyond!
Island Mom said…
De-lurking to say Happy Blogiversary I am pleased to be one of your clickers! Thanks for the (almost) daily enjoyment.
Eleanor said…
Happy happy day!

Many more to come!

That's what you're all about really, spreading happiness throughout the blogging world. One post and one commentbox at a time.

Thanks bb.
JJ said…
happy anniversay! thank you for being you - and for bringing lots of joy and reflection to my life. i am a fan and in awe.
Lover Lady said…
Though I am relatively new to BB land, I loves you all the same. Happy Anniversary!
Duyvken said…
Those are some big numbers BB.
And you got there one post, and one failed apple pancake at a time.
Here's to next year's harvest, A.
Karen Dietrich said…
Hooray for 2509!

P.S. I ate some SweetTarts from my son's leftover Halloween candy today and thought of you! They ARE good!
Anonymous said…
I'm so happy that you're here. Thank you, bb.

Suse said…
Happy birthday!

I giggled at the end when you wrote C'est la vie. Just today, my dad said to me on the phone "Plus ca change plus le meme chose".

Freaky. And it reminded me of when I wrote on MY goodnight and thanks for the fish, and you wrote in MY comments that K had just said that to you that morning.

Freaky. As I said.

Suse said…
That should say when I wrote on MY blog ...

It's late and I just finished the 2000 word essay.
eurolush said…
Confession: One million of those blog views were from me. Sorry. I just couldn't resist!

You do realize you were MY first commenter on TWO different blogs...

I have truly enjoyed getting to know you through your daily posts. You are funny, smart, and take fabulous photos of your chin.

That One said…
Happy blogiversary!

Here's to many, many more.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Congratulations on SUCH ENDURANCE.
I'm raising my cup to one of my favorite, most clever of all bloggers.
Poppy B. said…
Happy blogaversary, bird!