Wellies? or Blunnies?

I think I mentioned that my rain boots are cracked. Yeah, I don't know how that happened either, but both of them are cracked near the soles. They were about $20 from Old Navy when Old Navy first opened so it's not like they own me anything.
So, the situation is this: I need, I require, I will probably wear twice a week, a pair of waterproof (not water resistant) warm-ish (I have real snow boots) boots. They will need to withstand slush and rain and salt. My question to you: Blunnies? Or Wellies?

Picture 2

Blunnies, Blundstone 500's, are cute, ankle boots that are completely waterproof - even the stretchy gusset part. I don't know how comfortable they are, I do know that people swear by them, and though they are attractive (for what they are), they are very similar to a pair of black ankle boots that I wear a couple of times a week (and am wearing out). Blunnies are not, I don't think, especially warm but they are supposed to wear like iron. I have some concerns re fit as I don't easily fit in foreign sizes....

Picture 5

Wellies, on the other hand, may also present fit problems. And how comfortable could they be? (I am not one of those people who changes shoes at work.) While waterproof, I don't think they will provide warmth - though liners may be purchased to make them cozier. They may, in fact, be sort of cold to wear if one is standing in slush. Something to consider.

Picture 4

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Thank heavens for Zappos as I will probably order two sizes and send one set back...but, I ask you: which boots?


jenny said…
My vote goes to Blunnies...
Gill said…
I'm not sure I could wear wellies for any prolonged period of time. To quote my Mum, "they draw your feet" - I have absolutely no idea what that means but enjoy the same mental images as I got when I was told, aged seven, that I couldn't wear them to school all day.
RW said…
no question.
Jen on the Edge said…
Blunnies, no question about it. I've known plenty of people who wear them and swear by them for comfort, warmth, and dryness. In fact, I've been thinking about getting some for myself. Of course, I've been thinking about it for years, but I'll get around to it eventually.
Fannie said…
Will you worry about trouser hems getting wet? In a pinch you could tuck them into the Wellies. But then again I am a change shoes at the office gal - I couldn't wear Wellies all day.
Schmutzie said…
For looks alone, I would go with the wellies. The other pair looks unnecessarily clunky to me. But then, I'd be willing to wear the wellies with liners and risk and bit of chill.
Jen said…
I have blunnies, but I don't care for them. They make my feet feel overly encased, for want of a better word, and they take some yanking to get on and off.
Stephanie said…
that is a tough call. I guess my vote goes to wellies, with a liner. you will change at work, right?
Anonymous said…
My vote would be for the Blunnies, but might I also make a recommendation?

I splurged on some leather La Canadienne waterproof boots three years ago, and they've been divine in Winter weather. Also very versatile (riding boots, go w/ skirts, jeans, trousers, dresses...).

I know I'll get a good ten years' wear out of them, too.

What would you rec for best winter walkable footwear for Tuvalu?

blackbird said…

I'd have half a dozen rec's for "winter walkable footwear for Tuvalu."
As for La Canadiennes, I've been eyeing them for a few years and would LOVE a pair...
Poppy Buxom said…
To wear all day, I'd go with the Blunnies. Wellies would look pretty odd in an office setting.

But really, I wouldn't want to wear waterproof boots all day. What can I say--my toes like fresh air.
catsteevens said…
I love Wellies! But agree with others here that I would not be comfortable wearing them all day. I would change in the office. But since you don't do the change thing, then I guess Blunnies.

But I have no clue. I wear flip-flops 90% of the time :P
bunny said…
Blunnies for wear all day; Wellies for keeping more area dry.
I have to tell you the Wellies are damned comfortable footwear. This fall I had two injured feet--one bruised on the bottom, the other impaled with a stick, and I wore my wellies to do work outside and felt NO pain. Sure, they're kind of ugly, but they are warm and comfy.
blackbird said…
I was hoping Green Girl would weigh in...I would be wearing them all day - lots of women wear wellies all day at my office.
Anonymous said…
No opinion as to which boots, but I wanted to give you my solution to boots that are not as warm as I might like. Buy them a size too big and wear very, very heavy socks, like the kind, made of wool, that have terry-like lining. It helps to also put sheepskin insoles into the boots, since the bottom of the foot seems to get cold first.
Liz said…
I don't own either, as it hardly rains here. But from look alone, I will choose Wellies
Rose said…
I have a pair of blunnies, and sadly, I don't love them. They hurt the top of my feet. And I agree with Jen on the 'overly encased' feeling.

Of course, your feet are smaller so they will look less clunky, and you may not feel hemmed in by them.

I like the wellies, but worry that the sole will be too squishy and not supportive enough (at least for my size 10.5 EEE foot).

Uggs, in the newer, less clunky styles were my savior last winter. I'm also checking out Kenneth Cole's Gentle Souls, though I don't know if they have a waterproof style. Hope this gives you some other avenues to think about though.
Tracy said…
everyone in Manhattan wears wth wellies and I'm SICK of them. be different and get the blunnies
Anonymous said…
You know which ones I will vote for, being the proud new owner of my very own choc-lit Wellies. Plus, I have never heard of Blunnies until now, and I am sort of a shoe whore, so that can't be a good sign.

Good luck! I know you'll be cute either way.

Eleanor said…
Ok, now you are totally freaking me out.

The commentbox family is tentatively planning a trip to Tuvalu at the end of this year. Ever since we started talking about it (last week) I have been obsessing about potential footwear.

I immediately decided on my Blunnies (black, best with black leggings and skirt). My mother claims high wellies are the way to go. Miss C is shocked that we could ever compare the two: "They are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SHOES!!!"

Apart from that. How is it that you know all about Blunnies and talk about them so casually? They are an Aussie icon, does Tuvalu have to have everything?

P.S. It would, however, make me feel better to know that Blunnies are expensive there. Here they are cheap (and worn mostly by farmers, chefs and builders). When I bought mine the salesman asked if I needed them with a steel toe.
Suse said…
My husband (a tradesman) wears Blunnies every day. As Eleanor said, they're cheap and plentiful here. No one would EVER wear them in an office setting unless it was a very casual office. But then no one here wears their wellies at work either.

Such cultural differences!

ps. am incredibly envious that Eleanor is visiting you. Do you think she would notice if I dyed my hair black and posed as one of her family members?
Anonymous said…
I think the draw thing is that they draw the heat right out of your feet. My vote is for Le Canadienne. So many to choose from, too!

Anonymous said…
I am reading and learning but liek Catsteevens I am helpless here.
Just started wearing sneakers as cold weather shoes.
But now that I read Eleanor and Suse's comments, I'd definitely do for Blunnies. With a steel toe!
Laura Jane said…
Blundies (as we call them in Oz).

All. The. Way.
Jenny said…
My husband did a stint in Australia fifteen years ago and still has several pairs of blundstones. He also swears by them.
OK, so am positively GREEN that Eleanor will SEE you THIS YEAR. INCENSED even. The AUDACITY. If she doesn't bring me along I will never speak to her again.

OK. I am so with Suse and Eleanor here. You'd never see Blunnies in an office setting here - they are strictly for the farm and weekend wear.

And people wear gumboots all day!?! In an office!?! You guys are SO WEIRD.

I would have said the gumboots because of the slush factor - I don't see Blunnies doing that much to hold out slush. Rain yes, slush and snow? no.

But then to wear all day? Gumboots make your feet ache if you wear them too long don't they? A lack of arch support and such.

I'm still totally thrown that these two are in for a comparison.

You crazy thing you.
Blunnies said…
Personally, I'd take a nice pair of Blunnies over a set of Wellies any day.

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