today I am

... reading French Feasts. An awfully nice looking book that would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

... listening to Lebanese Blonde, sent to me by Pandora. Liking it.

... watching The West Wing. Watching The West Wing the past few evenings has been somewhat instructional as I had to behave in a CJ Cregg manner just the other day and was brave enough to be informative without being emotional at work. Cryptic?! Why, yes!

... eating apples! Lots of apples!

... drinking champagne at work. Twice in a week!

... making tarte tatin and FAILING. Have I mentioned this? Am beginning to think I'm not a very good cook.

... waiting. Um. I don't think I'm waiting for anything.

... wondering what we're doing this weekend.

... hoping my FAOAunt is doing better today.

... thinking way too much. All the TIME. Gotta stop thinking so much.


unmitigated me said…
Poppy was a lot more wordy in her post.
Paula said…
Today I am stealing your your list.
Karen Dietrich said…
I love lists! Also, any updates on the invasion of COUS? I hope they've retreated!
Anonymous said…
That's some list. I have a friend who I emulate when I need to make a point in a calm and cool and collected manner. I totally channel my inner Kari, she is a mistress of conviction.
blackbird said…
KD - the Cous invasion has slowed but not STOPPED.
Anonymous said…
CJ Cregg is my hero.
alice c said…
and I am loving this post.
Thank you
ree said…
That does it. I'm coming to work with you.

(And my word verification? fookin As in fookin right, I'm coming to work with you.)
RW said…
thinking exhausts me
Magpie said…
Champagne at work? I'm in the wrong business.