Before we went to Italy I bought a cardigan from JCrew. Two days after our return from Italy I returned it. It was a lovely long black cardi in a mix of wools. When I showed Paola what it looked like, after wearing it on the plane and out to dinner one night, she wrinkled her nose a teeny bit and I knew the truth. Back it went, pilled and pulled looking. I still miss it as I had several outfits built around it in my head. It was to be a core piece in freshening my fall things. The sales associate at JCrew wrinkled her nose a bit too, but took it back and I have not found a replacement. Old Navy had a cheap copy - but, if the JCrew version didn't wear well, I'm thinking the $29.00 version wouldn't do much I've been browsing.

Picture 11

Lovely, isn't it? I can almost feel myself snuggled into it.

Picture 12

This is one of those dresses that can be accessorized beautifully, or not, or worn with boots, or not, or belted or not. Sadly, it's NOT in my closet.

Picture 14

I'm guessing needlecord is corduroy? Isn't this tunic so very ME? I KNOW.

Picture 13

I have misplaced my black pashmina and my leather gloves* and it's making me a little crazy. The gloves had holes in their linings but the pashmina...well, I'm getting anxious about that.

Picture 15

Though it is completely out of character for me, I am inexplicably drawn to this wonderful skirt. I think I'd have to wear it with black tights and turtleneck to avoid feeling overwhelmed by color.

My practical side is drawn to this nifty denim skirt.

Picture 16

My present denim skirt is gigantic on me and looks silly.

And here is the saddest thing about this post: all of these lovely things are from the same place, Toast, which does not exist in Tuvalu.

*The gloves were located last night. Youngest had them incorporated into a Storm Trooper outfit.


Suse said…
The black pashmina *I* sent you?

Badger said…
I cannot get behind the plaid skirt. You'd look like you were gift-wrapped for Halloween.

I have spent YEARS trying to replace my old denim skirt, which is now both too small AND too young for me. I CANNOT FIND THE PERFECT ONE. I might have to MAKE one. Which we both know will probably never happen.
Ali said…
I tried the self same denim skirt on this Tuesday, but left it behind, because I wasn't totally sure - it was a touch long and loose at the waist. But I am wondering if I made a mistake. Hmmm. Wish you were here to take me shopping - I am terminally indecisive and can never decide if an item is 'me' or not.
Anonymous said…
Huge relief about the gloves. What is it about denim skirts? They never look good on me. I do like the jumper quite a bit.
Anonymous said…
Boden has a pencil skirt in denim that got good reviews. I have the pencil skirt in the ivy (?) colo(u)r and I <3 it. They might be OS now, though.

Also, methinks J. Crew is not what it used to be.

Anonymous said…
I say you'd look GREAT in that skirt, don't listen to that Badger up there. It would suit your colours just perfectly.
Of course you had to return that cardi, it looked at least a season old, not a WEEK.
Re your misplaced pashmina, remember your fave hat which was then found after you had looked everywhere?
Hope Youngest recovered 100%.
Pretty Things said…
I actually really like the purple plaid, and I normally do not like plaid!!!
Poppy B. said…
Are you sure that tunic isn't a little too colorful?

Also, I disagree with Badger. Buy the plaid skirt. Then come to my Halloween party as a decoration.
Loretta said…
I have a great denim skirt from Boden. It has an inverted pleat in the front which is good for those of us with tummy issues.

Good luck finding the pashmina - maybe it's a storm trooper scarf??
Miz S said…
I am digging that corduroy tunic VERY MUCH A LOT.
robiewankenobie said…
i have an amazing eddie bauer wool sweater coat from seasons past which i would wear every day for the rest of my life if i could. it suits me as a person of wsmaller than average stature, and you know how hard that is to do in sweater coats.

they have an open front cardigan (and a very weird linky thing that keeps me from linking you to the page) that might suit you perfectly.
Lover Lady said…
Love that first sweater. And the denim skirt. I have a light denim (read: 90s) skirt and would love to have one in dark denim.
Crazy Mom! said…
Is that Bossy modeling that camel colored tunic?
Mary said…
I want that scarf.

And have caught up on most of your news.

And breathed a sigh of relief that you made it to Italy.

And back again...