I need to do the short form tonight.

Galu is doing well - Shambo is the only thorn in their, um, bouquet.
Bad Russell is making enemies.
It's been raining.
Only five Foa Foa's are left - 14 Survivors all together and it's day 15.

Jaison is battling and shivering. Seven days and nights of rain have beaten him down.
Bad Russell sees it as a test that will weed out the week while it makes him stronger.

Mom tells us that she saw a commercial wherein something bad happens to Good Russell tonight - she saw him lying on the ground....

With great fanfare and scenery we see Good Russell fishing.
The rest of his team are huddled under a tree trying to stay dry and warm. John blames Good Russell for their not having a tarp while Russell stokes the fire.
Brett knows Russell is busting his butt but explains that he needn't do that.
Russell explains that he feels he must do something for the team.
He walks back to the shelter and tells his team that he has a chill.
Kelly thinks he's pushing too hard.
(Notice that I'm not doing the SHORT VERSION? )

We are sure that the camera crew is well equipped and dry.

Bad Russell thinks they should man up.

The next day there is a rainbow. Even the most jaded are moved.
Good Russell thinks it brought the tribe together - just in time for a challenge.
So, imagine, you are strapped into a giant sphere and you must instruct your team to push you, whilst blindfolded, through a maze and puzzle.
Both teams will vote someone out and, I don't know, someone (?) everyone (?) gets pizza and they are all at Tribal?
The ball pushing thing (blindfolded) is tough. You should maybe go find video of it as I cannot do it justice.
Both teams end up at the puzzle at about the same time.
Something IS wrong with Russell. He can't breathe it seems and collapses on the puzzle table.
Jeff calls for MEDICAL.
Crew and med people swarm him. (Mom was right!)

Russell is on the ground saying he's good and let's go.
Jeff tells the team that they can remove their blindfolds.
He calls the challenge over and says that neither team win and sends the teams back to camp.

Galu is very worried about Good Russell. It's raining again and they wait it out.

The medical team sit Russell up and he passes out again.
His heartrate drops and they tell him he's out.
Jeff tells him he has to go and he argues.
Jeff explains that he's not a quitter and that he needs treatment.
Russell has a little cry - and we do too.

We notice that there is little coverage of what the teams are eating this season. Is there rice? We see them eat all the time but aren't sure what it all is. Certainly there is plenty of fresh water - and we make no assumptions about what this kind of living situation can do to a person, but still, isn't it interesting who suffers the most? Russell seemed pretty robust going in.

The Foas start talking about who will go home. Liz feels like it could be her and Natalie feels the same way.
Bad Russell tells Natalie that it should be Liz.
Why, we wonder, don't the women band together and try to vote a guy out? Couldn't they convince one of the men to vote a guy out?
Natalie is thinking...and I am too...why not lobby for Russell to go?!

Galu talk about Shambo going.
Laura sees her a liability.
Shambo states her case - she's worked hard and been honest, she says.
The guys say that Monica is the weakest woman on the team.
They want to keep Shambo.

Youngest comes in to tell us about his incredibly tedious homework.

The guys tell Shambo that she should be "consistent." She asks some questions but it becomes clear that they are voting for Monica.

It's a big Tribal with both teams. There is no pizza.
13 people at Tribal.
Jeff tells them that Russell was pulled from the game and that in 19 seasons he was never so afraid. He asks for Shambo's reaction.
She's sad.
Bad Russell doesn't want to beat Good Russell like this.
Kevin Spacey says it's an eye opener for him.
It starts to rain again!
Mick says that they feel like they would have won.
Eric says it was a tie...
but how to vote?

This is HISTORIC folks.
Each team has their own view on this piece of news.
Eric says they will bring IT, for Good Russell.
Both teams feel motivated.
Game ON.


Anonymous said…
I can't imagine that the LONG version could have been any better. : )

I hate to rain on the parade, but I thought that Good Russell was sort of an Annoying Russell...always calling himself Chief and Boss. And all that laboring over the fire to keep it going? It got rained on. Hello!
Anyway, I hope he ended up feeling fine.

Can't wait to see what Bad Russell, who can now just be known as Rusell, will come up with next.

Anonymous said…
That was terrifying. He didn't just look out, he looked dead.

It's sad to see someone taken out who was playing with their whole heart.

Anonymous said…
what you had there was orthostatic hypotension, brought on by dehydration. I can be caused by any number of things, but in this situation it was most certainly dehydration. I was surprised how slowly medical did things. If he was my patient he would have had O2 immediately, and he should have had an IV MUCH sooner. Even if it wasn't caused by dehydration it would have stabilized his BP. We were wondering if they couldn't give him IV until he was out of the game as it would be an unfair advantage?